Wednesday, October 6, 2010

ASIO is the Australian branch of the CIA

LisaMarieWonders | October 05, 2010

MichelleNye — January 26, 2010 —

ASIO is the Australian branch of the CIA. They are totally subservant to the USA and England, all Freemason worshipping Lucifer. John Howard the former Prime Minister gave permission to the CIA to bring the Australia public to heel and support the war on terror, resulting in the bombing and killing of over 212 holiday makers in Bali. The timing was perfect aligned with celebrating fans at the end of the football season. John Howard is a member of the Mont Pelerine Society, only 500 members. These meet once a year to dictate who and what will rule in their respective nations and plan what events will be staged like the Bali Bombing. Janelle had been in Sydney for two weeks, she was to return on Monday January 25th 2010. The train was delayed as a freight train had derailed. When she finally arrived in Melbourne I \was driving to the station when my car broke down, I telephoned her to come to my home by train and I would pick her up in my other car. On the suburban train two men follow her into the carriage. What they spoke about was entirely evil and aimed at making a mockery of what we are telling you all regarding the Holy Ghost, biblically the white covering of immortality.

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