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Bohemian Grove: a collective list of visitors L-M

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Bohemian Grove Incomplete membership list, continually updated

Important note: Rather than official membership, this list is a collection of past visitors of the Bohemian Grove. Some of them, like Bill Clinton, only visited once, while others come here almost every year.

Also, if you're wondering why this list contains no sources like some of the other lists on this site, that's because I started out as a simpleton, thinking I wouldn't need to double-check my information. I also assumed other people would just accept my information as correct, and if they didn't, that would simply be their problem. Only a year or so after finishing this list did I realize things just don't work that way, especially not with controversial topics like conspiracies.
Anyway, if you follow the sources in the accompanying article, you will find most of the names in this list. I might add a number of sources in 2008. Don't know if I can make time for that - doesn't really have prority.

Laird, Melvin R.
After serving (1942–46) in the navy during World War II, he entered politics as a Republican and was (1946–52) a state senator in Wisconsin. As a member (1953–69) of the U.S. House of Representatives, he served on the appropriations committee where he actively supported a large military budget and a strong nuclear defense posture as well as increased funds for health and education. Laird became secretary of defense in President Nixon's cabinet and presided over the shift from a conscripted to an all-volunteer army. He supported (1970) the invasion of Cambodia and approved the strategy of bombing North Vietnam to force a peace settlement. After his resignation as secretary, he served (1973) briefly as counselor to the president for domestic affairs. Laird is the author of A House Divided (1962) and editor of Republican Papers (1968). U.S. secretary of defense (1969–73).

Landis, Richard G. Uplifters
Retired Chairman and CEO Del Monte Corporation. Honorary chairman of the University of La Verne (CA). Member of the Newcomen Society. Lane, Laurence W., Jr. Sempervirens Chairman of the Board Lane Publishing Co. Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Australia 1985-1989. Lane, Melvin B. Sempervirens Trustee of the Sierra Club 1977-1984. Founding Chairman of the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission. Member of the Advisory Council of Save the Bay. Larson, Charles Retired four star Admiral of the United States Navy. He twice served as Superintendent of the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. He also served as CINCPAC (Commander in Chief, Pacific). In 2002, after switching parties to become a Democrat, he ran unsuccessfully for Lieutenant Governor of Maryland with Democrat Kathleen Kennedy Townsend. He and his wife Sally reside in Annapolis. As of 2004, he serves on the Northrop Grumman Corporation's Board of Directors.

Larson, John W. Derelicts
Unknown. Lawrence, Ernest O. Nuclear physicist who occupied the Bohemian Grove Redwood Clubhouse at the time of the Manhattan Project. Leavitt, Dana G. Pelicans Unknown.

Lehman, John F.
Born in 1942, and a scion of one of Philadelphia's oldest and wealthiest (banking) families. Lehman can trace his family line back to an aide to William Penn, founder of the Quaker colony. Received a B.S. in international relations from St. Joseph's University in 1964. Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Arts degrees from Cambridge University. While at Cambridge, Lehman frequently spent weekends at the palace of Prince Rainier and Princess Grace in Monaco, because he is a second cousin of the late Grace Kelly (Princess Grace of Monaco). Received a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania (1974). As a student, he joined the Intercollegiate Student Institute, founded by William Buckley, Jr. (Skull & Bones; CIA; Knights of Malta; Bohemian Grove), and as a graduate student roomed with Edwin Feulner (later Heritage Foundation president; Mont Pelerin Society president; member Le Cercle; Bohemian Grove; etc). Flew combat missions during the Vietnam War. Served under Henry Kissinger at the National Security Council 1969-1974. He was a delegate to the Vienna Mutual Balanced Force Reductions negotiations 1975-1978. Deputy Director of the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency. Worked for UBS AG. President of the aerospace consulting firm Abington Corporation 1977-1981. Managing Director Corporate Finance at PaineWebber, Inc. 1981-1987. Secretary of the Navy under Reagan 1981-1987. Member of the Committee on the Present Danger under Reagan, together with William Casey, Frank Gaffney, George Shultz, and Richard Perle. Was forced to leave the Reagan administration for his extreme anti-communist convictions. Became a trustee of the Philadelphia-based Foreign Policy Research Institute, a conservative think tank. At the Bohemian Grove in 1991, he delivered a speech in which he claimed that 200,000 Iraqis had been killed in the Gulf War. The speech was called 'Smart Weapons'. Founder and chairman of J.F. Lehman & Company in 1992. This company invests mainly in small- to mid-sized defense companies and employs a small group of former Joint Chiefs, Admirals, and Marine commanders, together with people from NASA, Boeing, General Dynamics, United Technologies, Bechtel, the Department of Energy, etc. Lehman has served on the boards of TI Group plc, Westland Helicopter plc Sedgwick plc and all of J.F. Lehman's realized investments. He currently is a director of Ball Corporation, ISO Inc., EnerSys and Hawaii Superferry, Inc. and Chairman of Special Devices, Incorporated and chairman of OAO Technology Solutions, Inc. He is also Chairman of the Princess Grace Foundation and an Overseer of the School of Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania. Has been a member of the Heritage Foundation and the Council on Foreign Relations. He has been a member of the 9/11 Commission in 2003 & 2004. Supporter of the Project for the New American Century and pressed for the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Lehman himself persists in supporting the administration's claim that Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda were working together. A 'new revelation' he made on NBC in June 2003 that an Iraqi colonel was an Al-Qaeda operative was violently opposed by the CIA, which claimed that this link had turned out to be bogus a long time ago. Lehman has always been one of the harshest critics of the CIA for its pre- and post-9/1l intelligence. He led the American delegation to the funeral of Prince Rainier in 2005. Has been quoted as saying: "Power corrupts. Absolute power is kind of neat." Member of the Advisory Board of Paribas Affaires Industrielles.

Leighton, Judd C.
Parsonage Director Gulf & Western Inc. Chairperson Leighton-Oare Foundation, Inc. Leighton, Philip One of the persons who were thinking about establishing what would become the Stanford Research Institute. Leland, Ted Stanford University´s athletic director. Lakeside talk; ‘College Athletics: Serious Business or Toy Department?’.

Levine, Lord Peter Jewish.
Former advisor to Margaret Thatcher. Became Lord Mayor of London in 1998. Gave a speech at the Bohemian Grove in 1999 called 'We Reinvented Government Before You Did'. Chairman of Lloyd’s of London in 2004. Patron of the Lloyd's Yacht Club. Chairman of the Board of Governors for the London Seminar of the Asia Insurance Review in 2004.

Lewis, David S. Owl's Nest
Mr. Lewis was a major force in the aerospace and defense industry for three decades. His management skills were notable for their breadth, ranging over military and commercial aviation, space exploration, land combat systems, submarines and surface ships. Mr. Lewis was chairman and chief executive officer of General Dynamics from early 1971 until his retirement at the end of 1985. During his tenure, General Dynamics' revenues and earnings quadrupled. While he was chairman, the company designed and/or built Los Angeles-class fast attack submarines, Trident submarines, M1 Abrams tanks and the first ships ever built to transport liquefied natural gas throughout the world. Under his leadership, the company won the highly competitive U.S. Air Force Lightweight Fighter Competition, with the F-16 Falcon. He was brought along by General Dynamics chairman Roger Lewis in the early 1980s.

Lewis, Drew L. Mandalay
Former secretary of transportation 1981-1983. chairman and CEO Union Pacific Corp. Director Gannett Corp. Member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Lewis, Gerald J. Crossroad
Gerald J. Lewis has been a director of the Company since 1996. Judge Lewis has been Chairman of Lawsuit Resolution Services since 1997, and was of counsel to the law firm of Latham & Watkins from prior to 1996 to 1997. Judge Lewis is also a director of Invesco Mutual Funds. Director at General Chemical Group

Lewis, Roger Owl's Nest
Assistant Air Force secretary, president of the National Railroad Passenger Corporation (AMTRAK) in 1971, and CEO and chairman of General Dynamics up to the 1980s.

Lilley, James R.
During a government career spanning four decades, James Lilley served in the CIA, White House, State Department, and Defense Department. He is the only American to have served as the head of the American missions in Beijing, where he was ambassador from 1989-1991, and Taiwan, where he was Director of the American Institute in Taiwan from 1982-1984. He also served as the U.S. ambassador to South Korea from 1986-1989. He is currently a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, DC. Member Council on Foreign Relations.

Linkletter, Art
The host of two of the longest running shows in broadcast history: House Party which ran on CBS TV and Radio for 25 years, and People Are Funny which ran on NBC TV and Radio for 19 years. Art's daughter, Diane Linkletter, committed suicide on October 4, 1969 by jumping out of her sixth floor kitchen window. She was 21 years old. Several contradictory stories were brought forward, and Art concluded that she committed suicide because she was on or having a flashback from an LSD trip. Several reports claimed that there was no involvement from LSD, but Art still continues to speak out against drugs. Art also lost his son to an automobile accident.

Littlefield, Edmund W. Mandalay / Rattlers
A leading San Francisco business executive, and a major benefactor of Stanford University and the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Head of Utah International Inc. until 1976 when it merged with General Electric. He joined Utah Construction Co. in 1951 and began his 21-year career as the firm's principal officer in 1958. Under his leadership, the company was transformed into a worldwide natural resources and shipping company, which was renamed Utah International Inc. In 1976 the company merged with General Electric in what was then the largest merger in history. Littlefield continued as a member of the GE board of directors. Listed as a member of G.E.'s largest stockholding family. Stayed in Rattlers in 2004. Littlefield served on numerous corporate boards throughout his career including Bechtel Investment Co., Chrysler Corp., Del Monte Corp., Hewlett-Packard Co., and Wells Fargo & Co. He was also generous with his time, serving on the Stanford University Board of Trustees from 1956 until 1969 and on the Graduate School of Business Advisory Council from 1959 until 1984. He served on the Hoover Institution Board from 1990 to 1994. He also served at different times as a director of both the San Francisco and the California chambers of commerce, as chairman of SRI International, and as a trustee of the Bay Area Council and the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences.

Livermore, Charles
President of the Bay View Business Association.

Lockhart, James B. Sunshiners
Lockhart is the co-founder and former managing director of NetRisk, a risk management software and consulting firm serving major financial institutions, including banks, insurance companies and investment management firms worldwide. He has an extensive background in insurance. Prior to founding NetRisk, he was Senior Vice President of Finance for National Re and a Managing Director for Smith Barney. Earlier in his career he was Vice President and Treasurer for Alexander & Alexander, and worked for Gulf Oil in Europe and the U.S., serving as Assistant Treasurer. He served with distinction in the previous Bush Administration as Executive Director of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation from 1989 until 1993. He was a director of the Association of Private Pensions and Welfare Plans (now the American Benefits Council) from 1993 until 1995. Lockhart was nominated by President Bush in July 2001 and confirmed by the United States Senate on January 25, 2002 as the new Deputy Commissioner of Social Security.

London, Jack
Famous writer at the beginning of the 20th century.

Lozano, Ignacio E., Jr. Cuckoo's Nest
Ignacio E. Lozano, Jr. served as the US Ambassador to El Salvador from 1976-1977. He was a Director of Bank of America, The Walt Disney Company, Pacific Life and Sempra Energy. He also has extensive experience in journalism having been Publisher and Editor of La Opinion. He is a graduate and a member of the Board of Trustees of the University of Notre Dame.

Ludwig, Daniel K.
Set up National Bulk Carriers, which became the largest shippin company in the US. His shipyards pioneered the use of welding rather than riveting the hulls of ships, thereby saving valuable time during World War II when demand for ships soared. He transported oil and molasses around the world. He set up the Jari project, which was an attempt to create a tropical tree farm in Brazil for producing pulp for paper. Later helped Meyer Lansky, chief of the Jewish maffia in New York, to set his drug money laundering empire in Bahamas. Ludwig is one of the richest private citizens in the world and has been a member of the 1001 Club, together with Meyer Lansky.

Lundborg, Louis
Former chairman of the Bank of America. Lurie, Bob Bought the San Francisco Giants in 1976. Lutz, Robert A. Vice-Chairman, Product Development and Chairman, GM North America, General Motors Corporation, USA. 1961, BSc in Production Science (Hons) and 1962, MBA (Hons), Univ. of California-Berkley. 1963-70, held a variety of senior positions, Europe, General Motors; 1970-73, Exec. VP, Sales and Member, Board of Management, BMW Munich. 12 years' experience with Ford Motor Co.: Exec. VP, Truck Operations; Chairman, Ford Europe; Exec. VP, Int'l Operations; 1982-86, Member of the Board. 1986, joined Chrysler Corp.: Exec. VP; President and COO, Car and Truck Operations Worldwide; Vice-Chairman. 2001-02, Chairman and CEO, Exide Technologies. Currently, Chairman, General Motors, North America and Vice-Chairman, Product Development, General Motors Corp. Chairman, The New Common School Foundation. Trustee, Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Inst. Goes to DAVOS - World Economic Forum. Gave a speech at the Bohemian Grove in 2003.

MacDonnell, Robert I. Uplifters
Retired from Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. where he was a partner from 1982 to 2002. He is also a director of Xstrata (Schweiz) AG. Director at Safeway Inc.

Mackinlay, Ian
Chairman of Ian Mackinlay Architecture Inc. Gave a speech at the Bohemian Grove in 2003.

Madden, Richard B. Midway
Director of the URS Corporation since 1992 and is known to have attended Bohemian Grove. He has also served as CEO of Potlatch Corporation from 1971 to 1994, director of PG&E Corporation from 1996 to 2000, director of Pacific Gas and Electric Company from 1977 to 2000, and director of CNF Inc. from 1992 to 2002.

Madrid, Miguel de la De la Madrid received a degree in law from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) in Mexico City in 1957 and a master's degree in public administration from Harvard University in 1965. He worked for the National Bank of Foreign Commerce and the Bank of Mexico, and, until 1968, he taught law at the UNAM. Between 1970 and 1972 he was employed by Pemex, Mexico's state-owned petroleum company, after which he held several other bureaucratic posts in the government of Luis Echeverría Álvarez. In 1976 he was chosen to serve in José López Portillo's cabinet as secretary of budget and planning. Was president of Mexico from 1982 to 1988.

Mahoney, Richard J.
Monsanto Corporation Chairman and CEO. Went in 1986. Monsanto manages the Mound Facility in Miamisburg Ohio for the Department of Energy. The main activity of the Mound Facility is the production and maintenance of the non-nuclear components for U.S. nuclear weapons: detonators, timers, firing sets, and test equipment. Some work with nuclear materials also occurs there.
Major, John
He worked as an executive at Standard Chartered Bank in May 1965 where he rose quickly through the ranks, before leaving on his election to Parliament in 1979. He is an Associate of the Institute of Bankers. Became a Knight of the Companions of Honour 1998. Former Prime Minister of the U.K. 1990-1997. Member Carlyle Group's European Advisory Board since 1998 and chairman of Carlyle Europe since 2001. Chairman of the Ditchley Foundation since 2005 and a member of the Queen's Privy Council. Major is one of the few Brits that visited the Bohemian Grove. In 2002, it became known that Major has had a four year extramarital affair in the past. Le Cercle members Robert Cecil and Norman Lamont were running his election campaigns. In February 2005, John Major and Norman Lamont were accused of holding up the release of papers on Black Wednesday under the Freedom of Information Act. Black Wednesday refers to September 16, 1992 when the British government was forced to withdraw the Pound from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) by currency speculators - most notably Le Cercle member George Soros who made $1 billion that day. Member of the Pilgrims Society.

Malott, Robert H. Silverado Squatters
Graduate of Kansas University and Harvard Graduate School of Business and attended NYU Law School, board member of the Amoco Corporation, Bell & Howell, United Technologies Corporation, Sovereign Specialty Chemical Company, the Hoover Institution, Public Broadcasting Service and the National Park Foundation, chairman and chief executive officer of FMC Corporation, chairman of Argonne National Laboratory, Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History, the Lyric Opera of Chicago and the Chicago Botanic Garden, trustee of the Aspen Institute, American Enterprise Institute and the University of Chicago.

Marshall, J. Howard Midway
Was a wealthy oil man and was briefly married to the actress, Anna Nicole Smith. Shortly after the marriage Mr. Marshall died and Anna Nicole Smith was involved in a court battle with her former stepson. She was eventually awarded $88 million. In 1931 J. Howard Marshall graduated from the law school of Yale University with a Magna Cum Laude. After graduating he became assistant dean at Yale Law School. It was here he studied oil, which took him on a lifelong journey that eventually made him a multi-millionaire. Just two years later he was recruited by Secretary of the Interior, Harold Ickes and later was a member of the Petroleum Administration for War. A year before the end of World War II began his career in the oil industry when he joined Ashland Oil and Refining Co. He went on to hold top positions at various oil companies until 1984, when he founded Marshall Petroleum.

Martin, Robert C. Sons of Rest
Robert C. Martin has been a software professional since 1970. He is CEO, president, and founder of Object Mentor Inc., a firm of highly experienced software professionals that offers process improvement consulting, object-oriented software design consulting , training, and development services to major corporations around the world.

Marting, Walter A. Mandalay
Yale and Harvard. President of Hanna Mining Company of Cleveland, Ohio. President and Chief Executive Officer of Hcell Technology. Early in his career he served as Vice President Administration and Finance for Amax Europe, a subsidiary of Amax,Inc., at the time a Fortune 500 diversified mining concern. He worked more recently as an investment banker with the Los Angeles M&A boutique, L.J.Kaufman and Co. whose clients included Carnation and Hughes Aircraft. With Hughes he arranged a number of innovative lease financings for their in-flight entertainment equipment group. Most recently Mr. Marting has served as CFO of a rapidly growing digital systems firm based in Orange County for whom he arranged seed and early stage capital fundings. He will be involved at hCell in strategic partnering initiatives and in helping the Company achieve its longer term financial and market objectives.

Matthews, Chris
MSNBC host. Gave a speech at the Bohemian Grove in 2003. Matthews, a Roman Catholic, graduated from The College of the Holy Cross, and did graduate work in economics at the University of North Carolina. Then he served in the Peace Corps in Swaziland as a trade development advisor. As a Democrat, Matthews has worked for several Democratic politicians. He was a presidential speechwriter for four years during the administration of Jimmy Carter. He served as a top aide to long-time Speaker of the House of Representatives Tip O'Neill for six years. He worked in the U.S. Senate for five years on the staffs of Senators Frank Moss and Edmund Muskie before running for U. S. House of Representatives from Pennsylvania. Matthews worked as a print journalist for 15 years, spending 13 years as Washington Bureau Chief for The San Francisco Examiner (1987 – 2000), and two years as a nationally syndicated columnist for The San Francisco Chronicle.

Maybeck, Bernard
Well-known US architect who built the Bohemian Grove club house in 1904. McCarthy, Roger Chairman of Exponent, Inc.of Exponent Inc., a company he joined in 1978. 2004 lakeside talk: 'The Coming Virtual Soldier'.

McCaw, Craig O.
Net Worth: $2.5 billion. He gave a speech at the Bohemian Grove in 1997. One of four sons of John Elroy McCaw, early investor in cable TV. Second-oldest Craig took over cash-strapped company after father's death in 1969; sold cable, reinvested in cellular phone networks. Sold McCaw Cellular to AT&T for $11.5 billion in 1993. Brothers dabble in business independently: Craig stayed in telecom, rescued wireless carrier Nextel and founded broadband provider XO Communications. Also funds satellite communications venture Teledesic, but telecom crash making it hard to get business off ground. Finds solace on the high seas: with Paul Allen (see), financed OneWorld Challenge, yacht syndicate competing in the America's Cup.

McCollum, Leonard F., Jr. Green Mask
University of Texas B.S. in geology, staff geologist with Humble Oil and Refining Company, president of Carter Oil Company (a division of Standard Oil) at 39, making him the youngest head of an oil company in America, director and later CEO of the Continental Oil Company (Conoco).

McCone, John Alex Mandalay
Executive vice-president Llewelyn Ironworks. Established the McCone Engineering Company, which built oil refineries and industrial plants. On the brink of WWII he established the California Shipbuilding Company Bechtel-McCone Corp. Chairman of the Atomic Energy commission. CIA director under Kennedy to replace Allen Dulles. Director of ITT, Pacific Mutual Life Insurance, United California Bank, Standard Oil of California, and Western Bancorporation. Member of the Knights of Malta.

McCourt, Frank J.
Member of Senate (1967-70). Member, House of Delegates (1963-67). President of City Center Democrats. Vice-President of Second District Young Democrats. Director of 11th Ward Democratic Club. Director of Downtown Democratic Club. Director of Mount Royal Democratic Club. Member of Bohemian Club. Member of Maryland and Baltimore City Bar Associations. Member of Forty-Niners Club. Member of YMCA. Member of Friendly Sons of St. Patrick. Member of The University Club.

McFaul, Michael
McFaul was born and raised in Montana. He received his B.A. in international relations and Slavic languages and his M.A. in Slavic and East European studies from Stanford University in 1986. He was awarded a Rhodes scholarship to Oxford where he completed his Ph.D. in international relations in 1991. Michael McFaul is the Peter and Helen Bing Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution. He is also an associate professor of political science at Stanford University and a non-resident associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Before joining the Stanford faculty in 1995, he worked for two years as a senior associate for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in residence at the Moscow Carnegie Center. McFaul is also a research associate at the Center for International Security and Arms Control and a senior adviser to the National Democratic Institute. He serves on the Board of directors of the Eurasia Foundation, Firebird Fund, International Forum for Democratic Studies of the National Endowment for Democracy, Institute of Social and Political Studies, Center for Civil Society International, and Institute for Corporate Governance and Law, the steering committee for the Europe and Eurasia division of Human Rights Watch, and the editorial boards of Current History, Journal of Democracy, Demokratizatsiya, and Perspectives on European Politics and Society. He has served as a consultant for numerous companies and government agencies. McFaul's current research interests include democratization in the post-communist world and Iran, U.S.-Russian relations, and American efforts at promoting democracy abroad. With Abbas Milani and Larry Diamond, he co-directs the Hoover project on Iran. In 2003, he gave a speech at the Bohemian Grove about the dwindling US-Russian relations.

McDonald, Angus Daniel
President of the Southern Pacific Company, the parent company of the Southern Pacific Railroad. Trustee of Notre Dame. Knight of Malta. Died in 1941. McDonald, Robert A. Divisional President/Divisional Vice Chairman at Procter & Gamble Company.

McElroy, Neil
A business executive who took his Harvard diploma to Cincinnati to work for Procter & Gamble. He worked through the ranks in advertising and gained the post of president (1948–57) then took some time off to serve in the as Secretary of Defense under President Eisenhower (1957–59). He returned from Washington and became chairman of P&G (1959–72). Went to the Bohemian Grove in the 1960's.

McHenry, Dean E. Isle of Aves
Studied at UCLA, Stanford, Berkeley and received a Ph.D., taught government at Williams College in Massachusetts and political science at Pennsylvania State College, UCLA political science faculty 1939 and on, Carnegie Fellow in New Zealand and Australia 1946-1947, Fulbright Lecturer at the University of Western Australia in 1954, authored books like The American Federal Government and The American System of Government, dean of social sciences and chairman of the Department of Political Science, assistent-president University of California from 1958, drafted California's Master Plan for Higher Education in 1960, founding chancellor of the University of California - Santa Cruz, driving force behind the growth of California's multitiered system of public higher education, his son is another geopolitical expert with great interest in Africa.

McLaren, Loyal Mandalay / Stowaway / Cave Man
His primary camp was Stowaway where he was a co-captain. McLaren assisted Firestone with his guest, Henry Ford, to meet prominent republicans in different camps. One of them was Gerald Ford. In 1954, on request of the White House, McLaren arranged for the Prime Minister of Pakistan to be received at the Bohemian Grove that summer. He put him in the Stowaway camp and made sure he could give a lake side talk.

McLean, John G. Mandalay
Harvard professor who had written a visionary report predicting the inevitability of an oil supply crunch. Became president of Continental Oil Company. Died in 1974. McNear, Denman K. President of the Southern Pacific Transportation Company in the 1970's.

McPherson, Rene C.
Elected President of Dana Corporation in 1968 and continued in that office until becoming Chairman and CEO in 1972 (until 1980). Served as President of Hayes-Dana Division in Canada, leading a turnaround to profitability. Director of The Boeing Company and Westinghouse Electric Corporation. Died in 1996.

McWilliams, James K. Skiddoo
Former coal operator and current executive for utility giant American Electric Power Service Corporation.

Meese, Edwin III
Edwin Meese III served on the Council for National Policy (CNP) Executive Committee in 1994 and as CNP President in 1996. Meese was distinguished fellow and holder of the Ronald Reagan Chair in Public Policy, the Heritage Foundation; former Attorney General of the U.S. 1985-1988; Counselor to the President, 1981-1985; former Chief of Staff and Senior Issues Advisor for the Reagan-Bush Committee; former president, Council for National Policy; former professor of law, University of San Diego; former vice president for administration, Rohr Industries. As Chairman of the Domestic Policy Council and the National Drug Policy Board, and as a member of the National Security Council, he played a key role in the development and execution of domestic and foreign policy. During the 1970s, Mr. Meese was Director of the Center for Criminal Justice Policy and Management and Professor of Law at the University of San Diego. He earlier served as Chief of Staff for then-Governor Reagan and was a local prosecutor in California. Mr. Meese is a Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, and a Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Institute of United States Studies, University of London. He earned his B.A. from Yale University and his J.D. from the University of California, Berkeley. During the Reagan Kitchen Cabinet, Joseph Coors and others from the Heritage Foundation received a letter of endorsement from White House Chief of Staff Ed Meese in which Meese promised Edward J. Feulner, Jr., the president of Heritage, that 'this Administration will cooperate fully with your efforts.' After leaving the Reagan administration, Meese joined the staff of the Heritage Foundation. Walsh's Iran/Contra Investigation Report, August 1993: "Attorney General Edwin Meese III became directly involved in the Reagan Administration's secret plan to sell weapons to Iran in January 1986, when he was asked for a legal opinion to support the plan. When the secret arms sales became exposed in November 1986, raising questions of legality and prompting congressional and public scrutiny, Meese became the point man for the Reagan Administration's effort, in Meese's words, 'to limit the damage.'"

Megeath, Samuel A. III
A former director and chairman of PLM International Inc. (PLM). Merrill, Harvie M. The Webb Director TIS Mortgage Investment Company. Director Hexcel Corporation. Shareholder Fibreboard Corporation.

Merrill, Steven L. Woof
Steve Merrill has been active in venture capital investing since 1968, and most recently was a Partner with Benchmark Capital. He was president of BankAmerica Capital Corporation in 1976 and managed this very successful venture activity until 1980 when he formed Merrill, Pickard, Anderson & Eyre (MPAE), a privately held venture capital partnership. MPAE managed funds of approximately $285 million provided by a group of 50 limited partners, including major corporations, pension funds, insurance companies, university endowments, and prominent families. Some of the companies funded by MPAE include America Online, Aspect Telecommunications, Cypress Semiconductor, Documentum, and Palm Computing. MPAE stopped making new investments in 1996 and the partners founded Benchmark Capital and Foundation Capital. Steven is a limited partner in both of these firms but is no longer involved in the day-to-day management. Currently, Steven is devoting more time to civic and non-profit activities as well as his private investments. He was chairman of the Board of Trustees of Town School for Boys, a member of the Committee to Restore the San Francisco Opera House, and he is a past director of the Children’s Health Council. Steven is also a past president of the Western Association of Venture Capitalists and a past director of the National Venture Capital Association, and has been a director of numerous privately held companies. He holds an MBA from the Wharton School of Finance and a BA in Sociology from Stanford University.

Mettler, Ruben F. Mandalay
B.A. of science degree at California Institute of Technology, sent to Bikini atol after WWII and witnessed some atomic bomb explosions, later studied electrical and aeronautical engineering at Caltech, where he earned a Master of Science degree in 1947 and a Ph.D. in 1949, graduating at the top of his class. Recruited into Hughes Aircraft Corporation and remained there until 1954, after working in different military systems he went to Washington and became a consultant to the Department of Defense, joined Ramo-Wooldridge Corporation in 1955 as assistant director and worked for many years on missile guidance systems and ICBM missiles, Ramo-Wooldridge Corporation changed into TRW Inc. 1958, with TRW Inc. he served as executive vice-president for Space Technology Laboratories (STL) 1959-1962, TRW/STL built the first satellites without government funding and STL went on to become the first contractor selected by NASA to design and build a large scientific spacecraft, Mettler becomes president of TRW Systems Group, which grew out of STL and expanded its leadership in development of large, complex spacecraft for both the Air Force and NASA. All in all, Mettler has been president, chief operating officer, chief executive officer and chairman of TRW Inc. He completely resigned in 1994. Mettler has been a member of the Japan Society, of the Bretton Woods Committee 2004 and of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Mielke, Frederick, Jr.
With Pacific Gas and Electric Co. (PG&E), San Francisco 1951-1986. Executive vice president of PG&E 1976-79. Chairman and CEO PG&E 1979-1986. Director Edison Electric Institute 1979-1982. Director emeritus SRI International.

Miller, Arjay Sempervirens
He graduated from UCLA in 1937 and spent three years in graduate school working part-time as a teaching assistant at UC Berkeley, before becoming an economist for the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. After three years in the Air Force Miller joined Ford Motor Co. in 1946. He became president of Ford in 1963 and vice chairman in 1968, a year before moving to Stanford. Arjay Miller became the fourth Dean of the Graduate School of Business on July 1, 1969. Under Miller’s ten-year deanship the Stanford Business School became the top-ranked graduate school in the U.S., taking over the position from Harvard.

Miller, Henry S., Jr. Meyerling
Chairman emeritus of the Henry S. Miller Companies and Henry S. Miller Interests, Inc.; and is Managing Partner of Highland Park Village and Preston Royal shopping centres. His career in real estate began in 1938, when he joined his father, the founder of the companies. By 1984 Henry S. Miller was the 5th largest real estate brokerage firm in America.

Miller, Paul Albert Stowaway
Cryptanalyst, intercepting and deciphering secret German radio transmissions and codes 1943-1945, Harvard University, joined the family company Southern California Gas Co. around 1949, in 1968 he became chief executive officer of the gas company's parent corporation, Pacific Lighting, which was the largest private gas utility in the nation at the time, providing energy to all of Southern California. he company, which in 1988 changed its name to Pacific Enterprise, acquired the Thrifty Drug Store chain, which later bought out Pay'n Save drug stores and Bi-Mart stores. It also acquired Big Five Sports and other retail businesses. Served as president and chairman of the Pacific Lightning until 1989, was a trustee of Wells Fargo Bank, Newhall Land and Farming and the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York, served on the Arthritis Foundation Board, chairman of the local and national United Way, the American Enterprise Institute, the California Chamber of Commerce, the World Affairs Council of Los Angeles, the Civic Light Opera and the University of Southern California, also a member of the Pacific Union Club. He married 5 times, was a gambler and always intensely competitive.

Miller, Richard S. Green Mask Unknown.

Miller, Richard Russell Pink Onion
Unknown. Probably the person involved in the Iran Contra scandal with Oliver North, etc.

Miller, Robert F. Moro Unknown.

Miller, Robert Gordon Medicine Lodge Unknown.

Miller, William Frederic Sunshiners Unknown.

Milligan, R. Sheldon, Jr. Cool-Nazdar
In the Eagle Scouts when he was young, he and his wife were involved with the University of California's Botanical Garden.

Milliken, Roger
Westinghouse Electric Corporation director. Chairman and CEO of the textile firm Milliken and Company.

Montgomery, George G. Jr.
Santa Barbara Senior advisor to Seven Hills merchant bankers. From 1981 until 2002, George served as a General Partner, Managing Director and then Advisory Director at Hambrecht & Quist and its successor, JP Morgan H&Q. Previously, George held senior management positions at Blyth Eastman Paine Webber, Merrill Lynch, and White Weld & Co. Throughout his career, George has specialized in mergers and acquisitions, with a particular expertise in the life sciences industry. George received an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA from Yale. George is a Trustee and former Board Chairman of the Environmental Defense Fund and serves on the board of the California Academy of Sciences.

Moore, Gordon E. Jinks Band
Gordon E. Moore is currently Chairman Emeritus of Intel Corporation. Moore co-founded Intel in 1968, serving initially as Executive Vice President. He became President and Chief Executive Officer in 1975 and held that post until elected Chairman and Chief Executive Officer in 1979. He remained CEO until 1987 and was named Chairman Emeritus in 1997. Moore is widely known for "Moore's Law," in which in 1965 he predicted that the number of transistors the industry would be able to place on a computer chip would double every year. In 1975, he updated his prediction to once every two years. While originally intended as a rule of thumb in 1965, it has become the guiding principle for the industry to deliver ever-more-powerful semiconductor chips at proportionate decreases in cost. He is a director of Gilead Sciences Inc., a member of the National Academy of Engineering, and a Fellow of the IEEE. Moore also serves on the Board of Trustees of the California Institute of Technology. He received the National Medal of Technology from President George Bush in 1990.

Moore, Thomas W. Cuckoo's Nest Unknown.

Moorer, Thomas H. Silverado Squatters
Thomas Hinman Moorer (1912 -2004) was a U.S. admiral. He served as the chief of naval operations between 1967 and 1970. He also served as the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 1970 until 1974. While Chair, Moorer received unauthorized material taken from the White House offices of the National Security Council. He was fiercely critical of Zionist influence on the US government and protested to the end the official version of the USS Liberty incident. In 1984 he said: "I’ve never seen a president—I don’t care who he is—stand up to them [the Israelis]. It just boggles your mind. They always get what they want. The Israelis know what is going on all the time. I got to the point where I wasn’t writing anything down. If the American people understood what a grip those people have on our government, they would rise up in arms. Our citizens don’t have any idea what goes on." Moorer was a guest of one of his bosses, Deputy Secretary of Defense David Packard.

Morgan, Neil Silverado Squatters
The locally well-known Neil Morgan, 50 year San Diego Union-Tribune editor and columnist who was suddenly fired in 2004 for unknown reasons. In the past he was a friend to Union-Tribune Publishing Co. chairman James Copley. Morgan, Henry "Harry" Sturgis Stowaway Oak Knoll Press resources paper, 'Books about books': "(1969) Beautifully produced book for members of the Roxburghe Club. Henry S. Morgan Esq. in red in the list of members." Born in 1900. A son of J.P. Morgan, Jr. Attended the Groton School, of which he became a trustee, and graduated from Harvard in 1923, the year he entered J. P. Morgan & Company. Married Catherine Adams in 1923, a daughter of the Secretary of the Navy, Charles Francis Adams, and a descendant of Presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams. (Charles Francis Adams IV (1910-1999) of the Pilgrims Society was a long time chair of the Raytheon Corporation, founded by Vannevar Bush). Trustee of the Morgan Library since 1924. Member of the Council on Foreign Relations since at least 1928. Partner in J. P. Morgan & Company 1929-1935. Trustee of the Metropolitan Museum of Art 1930-1946. Co-founder of Morgan Stanley, an investment bank, in 1935, together with Harold Stanley of J. P. Morgan & Co., after this firm and other financial enterprises were required under the Banking Act of 1933 to choose between their deposit-banking and their investment businesses. Elected a director of the General Electric Company in 1934, and would be affiliated with this firm until his death. Member of the board of overseers of Harvard University since 1935. Worked for the OSS with his brother Junius (member of the CFR since at least 1950) during WWII. Vice president of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the 1940s. Again trustee of the Metropolitan Museum of Art since 1954. Chairman of the Community Service Society, which was formed in 1939 with the merger of the New York Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor, of which he was an officer, and the Charity Organization Society. Became president of the Morgan Library in 1960, succeeding his brother, Junius Spencer Morgan, who had died that year and with whom he had shared the bulk of the fortune that J. P. Morgan left at his death in 1943. As an officer and commodore of the New York Yacht Club, he helped organize America's Cup races and played a role in the adoption of worldwide, uniform racing rules. Owned two racing sloops, both named Djinn, with which he won regattas on Long Island Sound and in the Atlantic. Visitor of Bohemian Grove camp Stowaway, like the Rockefellers, in the 1960s and 1970s, where he brought his son Charles F. Morgan along. At the time of his death, he was an advisory partner at Morgan Stanley, a director emeritus of the General Electric Company and board chairman of the Pierpont Morgan Library, which was founded by his father as a research center in 1924. Member of the elite Roxburghe Club. Member of the executive board of the elite Pilgrims Society. Died in 1982.

Morgan, Charles F. Stowaway
Son of Harry Morgan. Invited in 1970.

Morris, Walter K. Tie Binders
Served in the U.S. Air Force as a flight engineer on B-29s during World War II, and after three years with United Airlines he joined Chevron's engineering department in 1949. He held positions in engineering and the company's foreign operations staff before being elected president of a London-based Chevron oil subsidiary in 1963. Morris was appointed manager of the foreign staff in 1967 and became general manager of what was then the public relations department in 1969. He was named assistant vice president, public affairs, in 1977 and was elected vice president in January 1978. During his many years of community service, he was chairman of the board of KQED, Inc., and chairman of the board of Mills-Peninsula Hospital Foundation in San Mateo. He served on the boards of the American Red Cross, Golden Gate Chapter; California Council for Environmental and Economic Balance; Meyer Friedman Institute; Independent Colleges of Northern California, Inc.; and the San Francisco Planning & Urban Research Association (SPUR). He was a trustee of the Citizens' Research Foundation. He also served as chairman of the executive advisory committee, Program in Business and Social Policy at the University of California, Berkeley; vice chairman of the Public Affairs Council; regional vice chairman of the U.S. Council for International Business; and vice president of the British-American Chamber of Commerce. He was active with the World Affairs Council of Northern California and United Way of the Bay Area. Morris was a member of the Bohemian Club, the Stock Exchange Club and the Burlingame Country Club. He was an avid skier, hiker and enjoyed traveling to remote corners of the world.

Morrow, Richard M. Mandalay
Morrow began his career with SoCalGas in 1974 as an engineer and has held various positions in engineering, gas supply planning and acquisition, transmission and storage, distribution and customer operations, and marketing. Retired president, CEO, and chairman of Amoco Corporation. Chairman National Acadamy of Engineering. Vice president of customer service for Major Markets San Diego Gas & Electric and Southern California Gas Company. President of the Commercial Club in 1988-1989. Member of the Executive Committee of The Chicago Community Trust 1991-1996. Brought Stephen Bechtel, Jr as a guest to the Bohemian Grove.

Mosbacher, Emil, Jr. Cave Man
Served on a navy minesweeper in the Pacific in WWII, oversaw his family's oil, natural gas, and real estate business, Chief of protocol at the Department of State 1969-1972, overseer of the Hoover Institution 1975-1994.

Moulin, Gabriel
Made the 1915 photo, which appeared in the National Geographic.

Mountbatten, Prince Philip
Loyall McLaren (1972) writes about how Prince Philip sought to visit the Grove: Before leaving London for a visit to California in November, 1962, Prince Philip wrote to Jack Merrill, an old friend and expressed a desire to visit the Bohemian Grove... Since the weather was unpredictable at this time of the year; we decided it would be safer to hold the party inside the grill and bar building... we restricted the invitation to former presidents of the club, committee chairmen, and groups of our highly talented entertainers... At luncheon... Charlie Kendrick delivered the speech of welcome. However, the show was stolen by Prince Philip, who made a most amusing but salty speech in keeping with the traditions of Bohemia. (p. 451) - 'Taken from A Relative Advantage: Sociology of the San Francisco Bohemian Club', by Peter Martin Phillips. Born in 1921 on the Isle of Corfu, Greece. Parents were evacuated from Greece after a revolution and both became depressed (father) or mentally instable (mother). Studied in Germany under Kurt Hahn and both came to Scotland in 1933. Played polo in his youth, often against Sir Evelyn de Rothschild. Philip is the Duke of Edinburgh, a Knight of the Order of the Garter, a Knight of the Order of the Thistle, Grand Master and First or Principal Knight of the Order of the British Empire, and was a prince of Greece and Denmark until he married. Patron or President of 814 organizations. His wife, Queen Elizabeth II is patron of the Pilgrims Society. Long career in the navy from the start of WWII as a midshipsman to commanding his own frigate, the HMS Magpie. William R. Denslow's 10,000 Famous Freemasons: "Philip was initiated in Navy Lodge No. 2612 of London on Dec 5, 1952. Present at the initiation were the Earl of Scarbrough, grand master, q.v., and Geoffrey Fisher, archbishop of Canterbury." Philip is a Master Mason, never having shown great interest in the organization, while his cousin, Prince Edward (b. 1935) is the grand master of the United Grand Lodge. He and his wife set off for a tour of the Commonwealth, with visits to Africa, Australia, and New Zealand in 1952. They went on to visit the remote parts of the Commonwealth in 1956. Gordon Creighton, a Foreign Service official and Intelligence officer, concluded his story about a reported 1960s UFO landing on the estate of Prince Philip with: "So there had been a landing on the estate of Mountbatten and there was Mountbatten's great interest." The entire testimony was made during an interview with the Disclosure Project in September 2000. Prince Philip supposedly had a drawer full of sketches and information on different types of UFOs. Philip co-founded the WWF International in 1961 with Julian Huxley and Prince Bernhard. He has been the long time president of WWF UK. Co-founded the 1001 Nature Trust and 1001 Club from 1971 to 1974, together with Anton Rupert and Prince Bernhard. Co-founded the Interfaith consultations between Jews, Christians, and Muslims in 1984, together with Crown Prince Hassan of Jordan and Sir Evelyn de Rothschild at Windsor castle. In August 1988, Prince Philip said to the West German Deutsche Press Agentur: "In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation". He wrote something along similar lines in the foreword of the 1987 book 'If I Were An Animal', written by Fleur Cowles. Philip was supposedly hostile to Diana after she divorced Charles in 1996. Mohamed Al-Fayed claimed Prince Philip had ordered Diana's murder who was killed in a car crash on August 31, 1997. Queen Elizabeth II said to Diana's butler Paul Burrell in December 1997: "Nobody, Paul has been as close to a member of my family as you have... There are powers at work in this country about which we have no knowledge." She advised him to be cautious and to lay low. Unlike his son, Charles, Philip supports genetically modified foods. On June 7, 2000, The Guardian quoted the Duke of Edinburgh as saying: "Do not let us forget we have been genetically modifying animals and plants ever since people started selective breeding." Philip is known to be the head of the family; what he says, generally goes. He is still president emeritus of the WWF International.

Mudd, Henry T.
Formerr chairman of Cyprus Mines. Muir, John A Scot (1838-1914) who was one of the first persons to call for practical action to safeguard and cherish the worlds wild places. A founding father of the world conservation movement and founder of the Sierra Club.

Mullikin, Harry Owl's Nest Unknown.

Murphy, John M. Abbey Founder (1971),
chairman, president and CEO of Home Loan & Investment Bank, seemingly a relatively small, more consumer-friendly bank. His father died when he was young and he was raised by the The Boys & Girls Club at Fox Point.

Murray, Charles
An American writer and researcher. He is best known as the co-author of The Bell Curve. Murray has been affiliated with the American Enterprise Institute since 1990. During 1981-1990, he was a fellow with the Manhattan Institute, where he wrote Losing Ground and In Pursuit. During 1974-1981, Murray worked for the American Institutes for Research (AIR), one of the largest of the private social science research organizations, eventually becoming Chief Scientist. While at AIR, Murray supervised evaluations in the fields of urban education, welfare services, daycare, adolescent pregnancy, services for the elderly, and criminal justice. Before joining AIR, Murray spent six years in Thailand, first as a Peace Corps Volunteer attached-to the Village Health Program, then as a researcher in rural Thailand.

Myers, Michael E. Roaring
Former president of the The Texas Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (TAIFA).

Myhrvold, Nathan
Dr. Myhrvold is co-president of Intellectual Ventures, a private entrepreneurial investment firm he co-founded with his former Microsoft colleague, Dr. Edward Jung. Before Intellectual Ventures, Dr. Myhrvold spent 14 years at Microsoft Corporation. In addition to working directly for Bill Gates, he was a top technical and business strategist for the company and was involved with founding the company’s scalable operating systems efforts which lead to the Windows NT and Windows CE product lines. During his tenure, Dr. Myhrvold held several executive positions, eventually retiring as Chief Technology Officer in May 2000. In addition to advising Gates and the company on future business and technical strategies, Dr. Myhrvold was responsible for founding Microsoft Research and numerous technology groups that resulted in many of Microsoft's core, leading products. Before joining Microsoft in 1986, Myhrvold was founder and president of Dynamical Systems. Prior to that he was a postdoctoral fellow in the department of applied mathematics and theoretical physics at Cambridge University and worked with Professor Stephen Hawking on research in cosmology, quantum field theory in curved space time and quantum theories of gravitation. He has published scientific papers in journals including Science, Nature, Paleobiology and the Physical Review. His paper "Cyberpaleontology - Supersonic Sauropods," co-authored with Dr. Philip Currie, was added to the Smithsonian Institution's 1998 Innovation collection and was one of the 1998 finalists for the Computerworld Smithsonian Innovation Awards.

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