Monday, October 4, 2010

Lucifer and Venus the Morning Star + Haiti's HAARP Earth Quake

LisaMarieWonders October 04, 2010

MichelleNye — January 23, 2010 —

Haiti Quake HAARP Lucifer and Venus the Morning Star

Lucifer is female, all human souls are female the offspring of the Mother of all living, all DNA, all driven by this angelic force sustains life. At death the soul leaves and the DNA begins to stop the life process. In this video series I have covered the Asherah removal from history and it being lumped into the Lucifer Satan camp. We also show how the scholars discovered traps then attempted to alter the scriptures only to make it worse for themselves. We have gathered information from the stars to HAARP to Haiti to the miracles we reveal.

The latest threat to the Haiti people is the World Health Organisation they are now about to immunise all of the population with the Vaccines the world has rejected after proving it was the World Order attempting to kill us all. We must now mount a campaign to stop this pending slaughter of the Haitian people. Venezuela is next on the hit list. Send snail mail to Venezuelan Embassies directly to Hugo Chavez warn him of the HAARP earthquake planned for April 19th 2010.

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