Tuesday, October 19, 2010

One handed, Talented, Homeless HENRY CYR "SEND AN ANGEL DOWN'

He is Great. But its sooo sad, Nobody should ever be Homeless, have to go Hungry or be unloved. Yahweh/Jesus Bless All the Poor People Like Henry. Better days are coming Forever More. Screw This Demon system that cares Not for life!

SherrieLeaLaird October 19, 2010

One handed guitarist Henry Cyr.
just added: Henry Cyr update.
Looking Good HEN!! Amazing songs!
Filmed back as my very first mini Doc!
I caught PURE MAGIC one cold canadian night, filming a homeless cat after a brutal scam gig in Ottawa (far from us, a 5 hour train ride) I decided...fuck it...look at this greatness I'll make a documentary while we are here.

The Jers Fake Vi$ion gig was so brutal and treatment of us that we drank wine, rocked the stage for their stuffy boring, audience and split to hang on the streets of Ottawa. It was real cold out too.
hung out with Homeless dude just walking around talking to himself etc. Struck up a conversation with him and wanted him to sing for us on his little toy guitar (he uses mine here). He was more than happy to play one handed guitar for us.He uses a tea cup on missing hand. We brought Henry back to our hotel room ( a fancy bed breakfast in). We gave him the other room that was ours as they gave us two, so he could a warm nghts sleep and shower. Henry went in and took a shower and at 2:00 am a German Couple arrived and the room was double booked...Henry was caught naked in their room, hahahhah. Good times. Rock and Roll baby.

So he came on back to our room, where we bought him drugs and pizza (we let him phone for the pizza and they know him and didn't believe him that anyone brought him into their room and refused to bring it til we got on the phone, got him more drugs (cause I mean wtf...whatever he wanted) we laughed and talked all night. Henry ripped off a piece of the neighbors fence, a peice of wood about 5ft tall and we had it in the fire place. Naturally they accused us of trashing the room, but except for the smell of booze and a few cigs and spilled doritos, the place was NOT trashed. But they were uptight freaks anyway... and I want to tell you this man is super smart and super awake and aware. He Knows the score with the government. He's very politically aware and big pharma and other fraud scams with the GOV. When I aired this on youtube snippets of the full doc as I told Hen I would, people started to go see Henry in Ottawa and he became quite popular. People write to me loving Henry.
People even came forward with a prosthetic hand.
(there's lots more to tell but)

All I ask is that if you see Hen you give him stuff, money, eye glasses, food like we did. All he had was a knap sack with some dried up markers, doritos and couldnt even see the footage with his bad eyes. But my glasses worked for him so I gave them to him.

We love Henry. Introducing on my channel Henry Cyr of Central Ottawa Canada. This is a fuck you stickin it to the man anti government, anti poverty, pro indie talent production.

Henry Cyr From OTTAWA "COLD and UNKIND"

Pandamonia November 05, 2006

during a bullshit gig in Ottawa for the very fake, rude Jers Vision, we found homeless guy Henry Cyr
we took him,fed him and let him stay warm for the night. We gave him all we could. Here is when we had just met him and offered to put this up on you tube.
He blew us away with his songs and his political knowledge. Ottawa has almost as much homeless
as the typical ghetto and it's the Political city.
Henry is awesome and a wonderful person, so personable

Henry Cyr - Devil's Sister

cjlauziere June 30, 2009

Henry Cyr: one handed slide guitarist performs his tune: the Devil's Sister.

Henry lost his hand from the chemicals in the water. Then in 2006 he was forced to leave his job BY THE GOVERNMENT! 2007 in his community holograph planes were seen leaving chem trails. Late 2007 people soon forgot who Henry was as a result of the chem trails. Now Henry lives on the streets signing the only song he knows with the one hand he has left.