Saturday, October 30, 2010

*ALERT* - "SYNTHIA" Man Made Monster!

Holey Mackeral, korealinchen, Good catch. "SYNTHIA" the Phoenix Monster rising out of the sea. Probably why all the spraying of Corexit, being part of the Nano Technology! Evil is Going Down, We See you for what you are. Yahweh/Jesus Help us save Our World, Amen!

*ALERT* - "SYNTHIA" Man Made Monster! - *ALERT*

BeePeeOilDisaster October 27, 2010

All of my videos showing the little creatures morphing and transforming is the result of "SYNTHIA" manipulating and interacting with the cells on the molecular level, this explains it all! The steel, ropes and cables that seem to come alive is "SYNTHIA" interacting with the cells transforming them into something that is ALIVE! Now it ALL makes sense! Look at my video of the tiny steel bar that one end is morphing into the head of a small reptile, that is "SYNTHIA"!

You can even see "SYNTHIA" right on the top of its head the small white dot embedded in the steel as it transforms itself! Now it ALL makes sense! "SYNTHIA" is the perfect monster to kill every living thing on earth and then create its own life forms out of all of the cells and DNA, huge living monsters of incomprehensible size and shape. There are some now being formed on the sea floor of the Gulf! "SYNTHIA" made the oil come to life! Pray people, pray that God comforts and protects humanity in this time of unspeakable evil, pray in Jesus holy name, Amen...

BP and their corporate cohorts developed a lab-created, synthetic virus that infected the microbial bacteria which created a specific genome to enhance the oil recovery by among other things breaking down the oils viscosity thus increasing the flow, crude oil in its natural form is very thick and this microbial bacteria genome would break down its viscosity and make it flow much easier thus improving the amount of oil that could be recovered... It is computer programmed to self replicate quickly and it is virus like, replicating through host cells and is self mutating. Then they gave it a little tweak to make it degrade the oil that was gushing into the Gulf of Mexico! Now "SYNTHIA" is completely out of control!

There is no known predators, so it can reproduce without limit. It is computer programmed to rapidly adjust in any environment. It is made to be antibiotic resistant, and it has gotten totally and entirely out of control. This is why they have made sure that all the hurricanes this year have avoided hitting the Gulf of Mexico, dont you think it is odd that all the hurricanes stayed out of the Gulf of Mexico region this year? "SYNTHIA" is virus like, replicating through host cells and it is self mutating. There is no known predators, so it can reproduce without limit.

PLEASE send this information to every single person that you know, upload it to every website that you can, email this video link to all of your friends and families we need to get this information out to the entire world!

Faces, Creatures And Oil That Is Alive In The Gulf Of Mexico!

BeePeeOilDisaster September 22, 2010
Because of the time being sped up the sound track is off, I hope that you are able to figure out what I am

This is a 90 minute video time lapsed to the 15 minute time constraints imposed by Youtube. If it is to jerky I will remove it and reupload it in a series of real time videos. There are allot of bizarre things happening in this video! In the upper right corner I can see what looks like the face of a baby! Then below that is the oil transformed into some type of a creature that is gnawing on the steel! You can see its claws/teeth on the side/edge of that cut out portion! Then in the middle its like two snakes or some type of creatures looking at each other face to face, they are moving and seem to be facing each other down!

Then over on the right hand side there is a snake like creature made up of the oil and some of this white stuff see it coming down the side there? It is eating that white stuff! Then there is another creature that has come around the corner and is also eating that white stuff! They have a tug O' war going on, the one coming down the side keeps turning its head ripping the white stuff away from the one on the bottom! You tell me, what is making all of that happen? This stuff is very, very crazy and I wish that some news media would have the courage to report on what is really going on in the Gulf and stop misleading America and the world! I hope that you all are safe, God speed and I will be uploading again soon. Please comment and let me know what you think of all of that stuff that is going on in this video...


WVPRadio October 25, 2010
As part of their new logo and corporate image campaign, British Petroleum (BP) wants the public to think of them as their new slogan says, "Beyond Petroleum". BP is far more than a simple oil company. What is revealed in this broadcast regarding BP and their 'beyond petroleum' activities, both prior to and including their Gulf of Mexico catastrophe, will create a picture for the reader one pixel dot at a time. Once the person who views everything presented here connects all the dots of the picture, it will be more than obvious that BP has tried to fool Mother Nature... and she's retaliating with a vengeance that is affecting the entire world. This is a perilous game that has now gotten out of control. What began in the Gulf of Mexico in as early as February 2010 has now escalated into a man-made biological nightmare of unknown proportions.

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