Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Son of the Morning Star + 528 Leonard Horowitz

LisaMarieWonders | October 06, 2010

Michellenye - Sept - 2009

The answer to the harmonic number 528
A detailed explanetion of the twists and turns of the SERPENT
An explanion of the coming of Christ, Jah as a man into hell, the earth. Leonard Howorwitz has made comments that indicate he is the Key of David. He a good man is like all good men, in need of more information.
Detailed mathimatic synchronicity proving the key of David was born on January 11th 1944

The complet proof of who Jah the Christ is today. Many thing Christ is a spirit, due to the churches, all Freemasonry. Search Freemason bible it is the KJV
In this last video I was constantly interupeted, finally Trinity my grand daughter snuck up behind me and schreeched so I gave up.

Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall ~ Holy Conspiracy!

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