Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Water As A Weapon - Janet Phelan


Thanks to Blaine for forwarding these links to me.

For 25 yrs, Janet Phelan has been a news reporter /
journalist. She has spent the past several years
investigating the secret altering of CA's water system.

What she has uncovered is shocking - she discusses
depopulation, poisoning, biological warfare and more.

Some of her information lines up to what I have
uncovered and posted on my page i.e., poisoning,
elimination of property owners.

Janet has copies of blue prints to back up her claims.

My page has photos and diagrams to show the method

being used to secretly replace our entire water system
for the purpose of re-directing our water behind CA central
valley's CREATED water shortage. In both cases, the
public is being lied to, as lives are being destroyed and
in constant danger due to the health and financial
repercussions of this operation. According to Janet,
we are headed for something much worse.

As previously mentioned, the City of Fresno, CA is behind
some heinous crimes committed against my family,
neighbors and me in order to seize control of our properties
to secretly replace the city water system, which is being
done parcel-by-parcel. They reacted to my reports and pleas
for help with name-calling, perjury, death threats and
sexual harassment against me. Instead of addressing
the issues and providing compensation -
the hell has never ended.

Click below to read / hear Janet's discoveries.

Water As A Weapon