Saturday, July 4, 2009

Be prepared the time is coming...

Be prepared the time is coming...

You will need a source of food, and water.
You still have time if you aren't prepared, but not much.

If things continue on this path we are on, things will go to hell anywhere from Aug. to November. Watch for November.

Next year will be hell.

If this isn't the case, lucky us.

If things don't get bad at least you have made a move to self seffencency;
You will have your own food, and not have to spend hundreds at the store for what you could be growing yourself.

I am preparing to build a greenhouse, hopefully a few, at least;
I want more than enough food so we don't have to worry, and I could share some with neighbors without going hungry myself.

I have rain catches up, and plan to make more.

Everyone of you need to be at least this prepared if you want to live thru this.
We need all of you to get thru these hard times, not only for yourselves, and your family, but for this country; The true country, not the one they try to make us to be.

We're going to go thru some really difficult times, but we will make it.

Understand we will have a revolution, it will happen.

These people will not get away with their crimes unpunished.

No matter how big they seem right now, they will be scattering like pets, just give it time.

We will prevail. I know it, I can feel it in my gut.

I know this may sound weird, but it feels like "something in the matrix has changed" in our advantage,
and I know you can feel it too.

By: Constitutional republic of America