Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Is CA central valley being set up for Katrina-like disaster?


Once known for its magnificent farmland and bountiful crops, our valley is now being referred to as a "Dust Bowl." Countless lives are being destroyed as water becomes more scarce. It is hard to believe that something of this magnitude could be planned or deliberate. Stop assuming; stop pleading for help from the very agencies that are lying and altering records to cover up
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FRESNO: After 50 yrs of secretly replacing the water system by a group not authorized or licensed, the entire city is now setting on top of haphazardly-..clamped sewer and water lines.

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City stripped / pillaged of quality items, which according to the ringleader, will be used when development commences where the water is being re-directed - beyond Friant / Millerton / Madera. Casinos, dams, housing, golf courses.

ID theft, real estate fraud, unsolved murders accompany this operation - this is how the "path is cleared."

The father of a local FBI agent said that something catastrophic is going to take place, leaving countless people dead. He (L.O.G.) said his daughter (FBI agent, S.C.) is in charge of high-tech monitoring of residents, which allows the pillaging and killing to continue without being caught.

With a city that has been left a shambles, massive health, environmental, building and safety code violations in addition to the real estate theft being covered up, the ground work for a Katrina-like disaster appears to be in place. Not only would that cover up the evidence of how water rules/..regulations were bypassed, imagine the di$a$ter relief fund$ and in$urance claim$ that would benefit those behind this.

The focus on a possible Katrina-like disaster is not new. Freeway 41 was built in 1982 to double as a water channel should Friant Dam ever flood. Fwy 41 goes north and south, beginning at Millerton/..Friant - headed straight into Downtown Fresno's multi-million dollar buildings that are setting on top of more evidence.

There are many articles pertaining to the possibility of a Katrina-like disaster. Isn't that how it works - expose (create) a problem that our officials pretend to try to fix/avoid, so after it happens they can appear as victims too. Schwarzenegger continues requesting more and more money for repairs to our water infrastructure - what about the trillions that went into WEAKENING our water infrastructure in order to create this "water shortage." He refuses to address the situation. Local officials commit perjury, issue death threats and sexual harassment in an effort to prevent this information from being exposed.

Seems to me that with our government offices shutting down and services being cut off to the public, the central valley is being set up for annihilation.

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The ringleader, who boasts of 50 yrs behind this operation, laughs at the public for being so gullible to believe whatever they are told. Wake up - look behind the smoke screen and see what is taking place.