Saturday, July 11, 2009

About Arkansas mass graves and inoculations

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About Arkansas mass graves and inoculations
July 10, 2009 By: Freedom Fighter

I have received an email saying that government officials are instructing people who work for coroners offices’ in Arkansas to prepare to dig mass graves for pandemic victims, informing these officials that they will receive an innoculation against the “pandemic” flu but their relatives will not.

1st, these officials are giving false information to employees of the coroner’s offices: no one can know in advance how this artificial virus will mutate, and so no vaccine can ever be guaranteed to work even supposing vaccines worked in the first place.

2nd, there can be no valid reason why only a selected few — ie those who have been assigned to dig the mass graves — should receive the vaccine and not their family members. If the US government has spent billions on vaccine stockpiles, and if those vaccines are effective, as the government claims, why shouldn’t there be enough available for the family members of coroner’s officials and why should they be refused it in advance?

3rd, if the government is planning a mass forced vaccination of the people of the USA on the grounds this will protect them against the flu, then why are they so sure in advance there will be so many victims that even the officials of coroner’s offices will be forced to go and dig the graves themselves? Is it because elements in the government know of plans to contaminate the vaccine material with diseases such as live bird flu as happened in Austria where Baxter’s subsidiary was caught sending out 72 kilos of the world’s deadliest bioweapon this year, an action for which it is being investigated by the police?

4th, how could the government know that a pandemic outbreak was inevitable given the fact that neither the bird flu nor the swine flu are natural viruses but artificial viruses unless elements within the government intended to release those viruses as part of a premeditated plan of mass murder also by means of vaccination?

5th, why are elements of the government, such as Homeland Security and FEMA, setting up isolated camps with incinerators, mass graves inside the USA unless they are planning genocide?

I urge anyone who has received similar instructions in the USA to contact me
jmburgermeister@gmail. com
concerning taking possible legal action on this specific matter as well.