Thursday, November 25, 2010

Yahweh talking to Fijians

BrianIsYahweh | November 24, 2010

A casual conversation in the store between Asherah and a sales assistant resulted in a gathering of 6 others in the store that moved to our apartment when they all finished work at 9pm....all listening intently and taking notes as they digested the good new that the Christ has returned to Fiji and chosen their nation to inherit the Kingdom of God...4 out of the 7 gathered were Hindu...I a Mormon and 2 Christian...they are like children, thristy for the truth and not contaminated with teh distractions of the west...not one question about aliens or UFO's...Nathan has prepared his village of 1000 people who already have the news and the pills that are curing their sicknesses...they are eagerly awaiting our arrival one day next week...tommorrow morning we are going to the airport to meet the major of the armed forces along with 5 of Frank's body guards who are greeting him as he returns after being in attempt was made on his life we heard this morning but he is to all...Asehrah.