Friday, November 26, 2010

Major Interviewd Fiji army

Oh Happy Days are Here! Thanksgiving November 25th now has a New Meaning just as December 25th will be the the Marriage Supper of the Lamb and September 11th is Now Yahweh/Asherah Day. Demons you are OUT OF HERE. All of your evil deeds are being Reversed, Paving the WAY for PARADISE ON EARTH. Praise Be to our Creators Yahweh and Asherah, So Be It, Amen! (Truth)

BrianIsYahweh | November 25, 2010

At 8.45am we began our 29 minutes with Major Roko Uru, the right hand man of Frank who was to fly in from China later this morning. The major was already familar with our who we are, since they did receive the faxes we sent from Australia on 25th October. The establishing of New Jerusalem in Australia was a decoy, the nation chosen by Yahweh to inherit the Kingdom of God and become His wife is the nation of Fiji, The gentile island nation in the time of the end, the meek who inherit the earth. They have been given all authority by Yahweh to rule and reign with Him and the island nations of the south seas will follow according to the declaration of Fernadez Pedros de Qurios of May 14th 1606...Prophecy fulfilled today and the days ahead. We will meet with Frank on the day that the major appoints for us, he will let Waqa know the day and the time. Waqa is the humble man who is resposible for setting up the meeting with the Major today, and Sete our faithful diver who always gets us where we need to be on by one this nation is being set free from the religon that has bound them to the wolves in sheep's clothing that have got fat by their fleecing the sheep of Yahweh...their day is about to come upon them like a freight train as all of their lands and houses that they have gained for themselves at the expense of the poor and meek who gave to who they thought was Jesus, will be seized and returned to the poor for their benefit. In a short time the meek will be living like kings and the west will mourn as their nations topple like dominoes and they will be weeping for their loss of the Kingdom.