Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Charles reincarnate of Solomon Lucifer 666

BrianIsYahweh | November 07, 2010

the calculations predict Charles will murder Elizabeth on June 15th 2011, she will be 4443 weeks or 31101 days old with 555 days to go until the demise of Charles Lucifer,. this is all weirder than any science fiction is what the Lucifer cults believe. It started with the incest of lot with his daughters, they conceived and so Lot fathered the Ammonite Moabite people of Sodom. Later King Solomon married into the incestuous descendants of Lot receiving 666 talents of gold per annum.
Solomon and the temple in Jerusalem are the focal of the Jews and Freemasonry. The world leaders attend the worship of Molech each year in California. The ten tribes of Israel were scattered to end up establishing the nations of Europe all dominated by Freemasonry, the church, Jewry, and a manufactured descent of Monrovian kings to Charles and he via Phillip descended from 7 Holy Roman Empire kings named Charles.
The murder of Diana was a planned assassination and was carried out at the exact location where sacrifices to Diana the goddess took place, above it is the 5 sided star pentagram with the identical flame of the Statue of Liberty. There is also a connection to a sea deity that reincarnates into all the kings and finally Charles is proven to be Lucifer and there is a strong possibility he will have his mother killed to take the throne..