Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New life form ~ SYNTHIA

and it's Name is SYNTHIA. Yes Folks, These are the End of Days

528htz November 02, 2010

Exactly what has happened in the Gulf of Mexico? Engineering a new Oil process or engineering a new creation. The Volcanos and Earthquakes all around the Globe seem to be directly connected but, after the fact which could make justification of blame, if one wishes to speak to a domino effect, quite difficult. So what is going on? T

Man this seems like an awfully big subject doesn't it? But, the deal with the Kabbal we are confronted with today is the very complexity of their plan and it is this issue alone that loses many trail followers as, they start out with the best of intentions, which is, to discover the truth! But they find out how complcated it is and realize they are not equipped to follow the issues, which means they have come here for answers to their questions. They are looking up and out to you to be as truthful with them as possible given the current state of confusion.

I think the next best place for you to visit is this video.
The Gulf Blue Plague- Synthia, BP's Frankenstein.

From there I would send you directly to BeePeeOilDisaster

I believe you will already be on your way there and if you use the view comments and related videos function to view the videos away from the user site there will be plenty of trails to follow. Take your pick but, use caution and stick to only that which can be documented which will save any number of people time by not having to do the same. In this way we can work together much more efficiently. I don't know if anything we do can change what has now been set in motion but, knowledge is power and this is where we get to put it to the best use. We now are in need of the input of others in fields relative to the demand for answers, which means Geneticists, Chemists, Atomic Engineers etcetera to be able to keep up with what we are now faced with.

I do not believe that the Government has any intentions of telling us anything unless absolutely necessary before the Elections. So, choose your battle, draw your battle line, assemble your troops, align your intent and let's get into it.

This is blog talk radio and they are uncovering a great deal of ground on the BP oil spill: