Wednesday, November 10, 2010

ABC News Clip of Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall Curing HIV-AIDS in New Guinea

Thats Because it is a Quack Cure
Your a FRAUD Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall !!!  

How about the Proof that You have cured anyone of cancer and aids? All we have is your word on anything, that doesnt make it Proof. what happened to Sherrykay? remember her Husband had that Huge terrible sore on his back, and colloidal silver was suppose to cure that. I dont see her singing the praises of Yahweh curing her poor husband, she’s not friends with you anymore. How about MfromCanada1 trying MMS2 didn’t seem to help her and then she stopped being friends with you on youtube. Those things might help some people, but they dont seem to be cure alls. Elaine was really sick and tried colloidal silver and just keep getting sicker. she had to take antibiotics to get rid of it. Actually, in all these yrs, i have known you guys, i havent seen one person come out and say that they have been cured of Cancer etc. from using Brians methods. So if He has cured all these people the news would spread? like wildfire. the media couldn’t hide all of it

BnJ got Nothing better to do but sit around playing on the pc, fudgin up bible codes to prove himself, why arent they out helping people with their BS cures anymore, maybe its cause they dont work? I know CHRIS (DR SODSY) believed in brian for a time and prolly tried his quack medicine knowing he had cancer, and guess what BRIAN MARSHALL (HE STILL DIED) Your a FRAUD and mfromcanada still has morgellons. BnJ go crawl in a hole where you belong and stay there, for the sake of mankind. LOSERS !!!

BrianIsYahweh | November 09, 2010

This is a clip that has been reuploaded from another source labeling it as a Quack Cure for Aids and claiming Brian was SELLING bottled water... There are other vids on other channels like Lisamarie's that go in depth on this issue. This is a good example of how the media distorts things even if the piece is on Yahweh, Jesus, God our Father. But we already know who the media represents.