Monday, November 1, 2010

UN bans Chemtrails Except USA, Aerosol Crimes WeatherModification GeoEngineering

LisaMarie B:
oh the UN Now Admits chemtrails are going on, It is Not a Conspiracy any longer. but what are they going to do about it?

Well We can Hope, atleast they are Admitting it now. but i dont trust them. The UN is about useless. There are Wars and Crimes there of still going on and the People of Gaza are Still Walled up in the open air concentration camp. Its All for Show.

Lisa Dutton:
I find it hard to believe also, I don't see any of these demonic agencies banning anything , until Yahweh bans them all off this planet.

EXOMATRlXTV October 30, 2010

UPDATE3: (unfold) @thetruthergirls rant: ~credits video: "What in The World are They Spraying?" G Edward Griffin Chemtrails PartT 1 of 7

The Chemtrails controversy is no longer deemed as a "conspiracy theory" by the mainstream media news. The United Nations has called for the end of "Geo-engineering (Chemtrailing) due to fears of disrupting nature. In this video, I share the article covering this breaking news and a few videos exposing the obvious in your face truth about chemtrailing taking place in our society. This is a victory for the truth movement, but it doesn't end just here. Every day is a battle and information is key.