Saturday, July 17, 2010

Reincarnated Jesus Smokes Weed

SherrieLeaLaird July 16, 2010

Meet Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall in my 3 part doc or his page

Goal: to offend as many useless die hard religious freaks as possible. I wish I had a dime for every time I hear the 'beware false prophets' quote...First of all...who told you that. And how come you dont think of the churches and POPE right away?...and why would they care if you believed in a false prophet when they want you dead from GMO and Chemtrails anyway? Awwww and we thought they didn't care. The More JIM JONES Mass suicides the better for them. THey worship a 40 foot owl and burn babies...Get a clue.

here's your Religious Holidays:

Here's one for all the 'Bill Gates is good and yeah Enron fucked me good' complacent Grannies. The future isn't for the Spineless and the 'do as your told' windbags.
Thanks for sitting thru all the lying politicians, questioning NOTHING...we inherited your damage.

GOD (aka GOD and GOD / US) Grew some things that were our birthrights to cure make clothing, to burn oil and be warm etc.
PARADISE has been tortured while complacent 9 to 5'rs paid their taxes and 1/2 their pay check away to a pension most never collect.
KNOWING nothing about why you are REGISTERING YOUR BIRTH and TO WHOM..QUEEN of ENGLAND owns your ass. Fun, huh!
REBEL fucking YELL.
YOu've been robbed. You went to pick that apple and Romans said PAY...and when you didn't pay...He took you by the wrists, drove nails in them and strung you up publicly.
And now we LIVE WITH THE RESULTS of the COWARDS before us.
You didn't say shit with a mouthful.

Oh P.S EVERY HOLIDAY you have ever celebrated (that they told you when to have) and many of the names you use and words you say pay homage to the DEVIL.

Too bad. It is what it is.
DONT LET YOUR EGO get in the way.
Cause you can't handle the truth.... My God is cooler than your God, nah, nah, nah, nah. I wont go to hell for loving Brian, but you will gotto hell for believing BENEDICT, PAGAN churches faking as other than, loving the PYRAMID Dollar, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Bush Sr and Jr and Obama.
Word. PLEASE wake up my loved ones.