Monday, July 19, 2010

Fiat money = fabrication.

Joe Belanger
July 19, 2010

Fiat money = fabrication.

I can fabricate as well as any. I can sign the document as well as anyone, and put a fabricated number which happens to equal the debt plus cost for recovery of the economy. Anyone can do this, except, that the Banks might not like competition.
But, YHWH does not care for competition either. How about we ask the creator?
Yeah, this guy here.

MichelleNye | July 16, 2010
MichelleNye's webcam video July 16, 2010, 01:52 AM

He's out of his mind. Right?
But, he makes more sense then the one's with documents that are evidence now against them.

Obama was probably smoking this since the day of the Oil Spill, that would be one excuse for killing a section of the PLANET..

To say he did not have a hand it it- Is mental illness in the making.
How can anyone say, he had no power to stop it?

Who did not have such a desire to stop this disaster?
Even before it happened, was evidence of foul death planned.

There is no excuse that I can fathom that does not equal mass murder.
Genocide. Sped up with toxic chemicals.

They have the numbers to predict mass hysteria. Perhaps revolution.
Why embark on their design? Who would agree to such a design?

Someone with mental illness.
That is the definition of mental illness.. > To cause harm to others or self.

Brian may appear insane, out of his mind, crazy. But it is not the desire to destroy any. At least upon that which is evident.

It is the Chafe that is taken up, in what churches of liberty profess is a "rapture". If there is in you, the hope for rapture, it is the reaping.

We reap ourselves. We are our own fruit upon which each is measured by self in reflection of what is thought to be God, if you believe in God.

If you do not believe in God, you have your own reflection to contend with. You are reincarnated, and you will find your place in it, as remedy for your past karma.

If you find you do not believe this, that is most understandable. Vaccines, needles with memory damage. Trauma of hospitals. Cold hand have made way and all efforts, that you do not recall such a thing.

It is of interest that you remain ignorant, and lost. It is of interest that you pray to a hope, and not to YHWH, who is evident in all that exists.

Unfair advantage of Nazi's and the war over your mind to keep it in submission. To train it into a state of entertainment, and FEAR.

In an order, and time relevant to study. Deep long study. They know your every word, before you speak it. You are as an animal.

You are the white rabbit in the cage. "Did you see that game?" "Wow, I never thought of that. Just a minute, someone's calling.".

You are in time with them. You are marching in a dream state towards bliss of not knowing you were killed, at the end of days.

Trauma of birth is not a new thing. Trauma of rebirth is the same.
Trauma of death, is the speed of unknown approaching.

I'm a blabbing. Read your toothpaste label.

"Here", said the doctor. "Take this pill once a day.".. It will kill you slow, rather than quickly for not complying with what is shown to be good for you.
Just take it. It helps you forget that you wanted to be healthy and have energy to repair damage to others.

I know. I'm a way whacked out conspiracy nut case gone over the edge to my peers.

What's the difference?

You claim to find sanity in your job that has no stable place of land to stand?

Sanity in supporting the troops that help to destroy themselves and their families-- that they are so blind to never consider it in the first place.

The military has lots of shots. LOTS of SHOTS.. Needles, Pressure injection, depleted uranium. Damage to property is not against the law, if it is your own property.

At least, I have not read it if such a law exists.
In service to your country, you become property of the United States.

The oath spoken, and understood that it is, it is your being making a promise. Not your STRAWMAN.

It is a verbal agreement. Even if you do not speak the words. When you serve, it is assumed as absolute evidence, that you understand it, and you are under Oath before God and all Nations.

Specifically America. Specifically the U.S. Constitution.
That is the DUTY of a soldier.

Not to kill the threat of war. But to face war when it is apparent and is in place to remove freedom, and land, which is allowed, by an agreement contract, which is the Constitution.

I have pity for soldiers, as they had no work, and envisioned places to go. travel the world, and be paid. To be promised places of training. Places of liberty.

When you sign your contract however. You surrender any ideas you had of a "plan" prior to basic training. You are property.

Only by agreement, are you willingly property. If you can read this, and understand it. If you are serving. You are destroying your country.

You are not fighting for freedom. You have become tricked into stealing it from an innocent nation. As innocent as America.

It is a home of privacy, that has survived many, many, many years. They have survived on less, and even that is being taken.

What mercy is there for you, that is in it, to kill the "Sand Niggers" as I have heard it spoke. They are brothers. They, as well as you, are victims of media.

Media of religion. Media of secret societies. Media of every type that is in support to terrorizing in order to control.

We are not victims of terrorism. We are the terrorists.
We have been made blind to see it.

By media.
Media that influences damage upon any. Is evidence of ignorance, but honest hearts of anger once.

Anger that need not be carried so far into this day. Nor tomorrow.
that's my nutcase dramatic blah blah opinion.