Thursday, July 1, 2010

Here is the world we live in... Is Jesus A Thief?

I would say that the True Jesus, is Not a thief, but the one the majority worships today isn't quite right either. with the Bible being messed with to control the masses. the Proper Yahweh and Yahshua are a distortion of the truth. lucifer with the mask of Jesus, to deceive the world. That is why He comes back like a thief in the night, not being recoginzed. To try and show the world they have been lied to. from even before the days of Babylon. So He is Here now reborn with a New name, Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall. He Proves it over and over again. Yet most still think they know better and scoff at Everything He says. Sounds just the the end of days prophecy to me. ~LisaMarie~

Posted by: True Agape

Here is the world we live in...

Is Jesus A Thief ? Are You confused - your not alone - you decide

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Here is the world we live in. God says what was once good will now be considered evil and what was once evil will now be considered good - the whole world is flipped flopped, Topsy Turvy like in the days of Noah and in the days of Lot, Sodom and Gomorrah, so shall it be again...depravity, ultimate mindless, evil heartless people will flourish.

Unrighteousness (injustice)
Sexual immorality (fornication, adultery, and other forms of illicit sex)
Wickedness (active evil)
Covetousness (greed, the incessant desire for materialism and power)
Maliciousness (venomous hatred, the desire to harm others)
Envy (jealousy of others)
Murder (premeditated unlawful killing of others)
Strife (quarreling, contentiousness, bitterness)
Deceit (trickery, treachery, intrigue)
Evil-mindedness (ill-will, spite, hostility)
Whisperers (secret slanderers, tacit gossips)
Backbiters (open slanderers, vociferous gossips)
Haters of God (humanistic evolutionists, blaspheming)
Violent (vicious and aggressive criminals doing physical harm to others)
Proud (haughty, arrogant)
Boasters (braggarts, self-paraders)
Inventors of evil things (devisers of mischief and new forms of wickedness)
Disobedient to parents (rebellious to parental authority without reason)
Undiscerning (without conscience, lacking moral/spiritual understanding)
Untrustworthy (breaking one’s word)
Unloving (unable to show proper affection)
Unforgiving (irreconcilable or implacable)
Unmerciful (cruel, vindictive, without pity)