Friday, July 9, 2010

Armageddon July 13 at 13:13 Gulf Mexico

MichelleNye | July 09, 2010

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If you are in Florida, USA, what will be the exact date and time of something happening in Eastern Standard Time (Florida Time)? Because the 11/12 of July at 4:13 (not sure if australian time, or other) Brian mentined the beggining of Armagedon, of a possible explotion, and now July 13th there will be a Holocaust. Are these separte dates of separete events? Please clarify, for I am confused. Thank you for your time, and for the videos! It will be interesting to see what happens...

yes their days are numbered, from the 13th onwards the clock is ticking, July 17 leaves 888 days to Dec 21st 2012. this is 717 Armageddon and 888 is Jesus. The eclipse marks the date of Elizabeth being identified at 25 S x 166:57 W [ Greek Dictionary ]1665. Elisabet {elizabeth. Then the moon moves away leaving a two day period to build up the HAARP heating of the Gulf to then crash it on the 13th the satanic sacred number. Easter Island marks the totality death of these monsters

Egyptian and Greco-Roman mythology said that the phoenix, after rising from the ashes of its predecessor, would bring the ashes to the altar of the sun god in Heliopolis. In Roman times obelisks were taken from its temples to adorn the northern cities of the Delta, and even across the Mediterranean to Rome, including the famed Cleopatra's Needle that now resides on the Thames embankment, London (this obelisk was part of a pair, the other being located in Central Park, New York)

I get it July 11th is the date of the eclipse but July 13th is the date they plan to harrp the bottom. Great video.

If they are gathered for the solar eclipse and destruction of America on the 11th where / how does the 13th fit? I watched this twice. and I apologize for not being able to put it together to have to mention it.
I do not understand July the 13th title or change of date from July 11th?
Forgive me Father and Mother. I am become without confidence to relay this to my loved ones, as they are waiting for nothing to happen the 11th, so that I will shut up about Armageddon. I am found not credible.

@FUNCLEJ0E They require to be in total darkness for the ritual July 11th and is only possible on Easter Island at 13:13 Therefore they then wait to enjoy their homage to Lucifer as the moon moves away from the gulf to allow HAARP to lift the sea floor higher than the Moon gravity then when fully extended, holding the height, they turn off the microwave and the molecules cool instantly and a heavy plunge of heavy air drops into the Gulf.