Saturday, July 10, 2010

Queen of the South

MichelleNye | July 09, 2010

I tend to get very angry with this generation, however people are not fully conscious due to fluoride, media, churches, food contamination and in particular I have been concerned for my own family, but prophecy must be fulfilled and so they turn on me unable to see past the darkness they believe to be light within their souls.
The reincarnation of the men of Nineveh is the point here, for churches denounce the truth of reincarnation and yet the Lords Prayer is all about here on the earth when heaven is. Janelle was the first to get it, she proved herself to be the queen of the South, Elizabeth the queen of the North, married to Lucifer. As of the 21 days notice I was here, July 5th was her time was up. Legally served she failed to respond and so her silence is acquiescence meaning she acknowledges my claim as Christ King of Israel.