Friday, June 4, 2010

JUNE 2nd Crop Circle & Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall's MATH

SherrieLeaLaird — June 03, 2010 —

Crop circles and Pyramid Earth Math GENIUS YAHWEH (he knows every measurement of the earth and shitting every code and every number pertaining to the PYRAMID...every revelation pertaining to the dates)
go meet Brian Leonard Marshall....a very special person reincarnated.
Brian did the math a few days ago explaining to people who know what he's talking about only for it to turn up as a crop circle on the DAY Queen Elizabeth took the throne in 1953...June 2nd. Queen Elizabeth wants to step down and
cannot yet. Who knew the old bag was both so evil and so
sensitive as she aged.
Introducing you to an inventor and healer NO MATTER BY WHAT NAME.
you will have no contact with me on this topic cause I know nothing about the math and stuff.
You can write to Brian.

The crop circles actually make sense for the first time to me.
Just like everything on this planet, it's been a code, a GOD the pyramid and all math.

Brian drew a math equation... on May 26(he is the real throne to ENGLAND via dna and shroud)

This crop CIRCLE appeared in ENGLAND on JUNE 2 2010...
Queen of England took her throne ILLEGALLY JUNE 2 1953
Personally what I've learned and I'm smarter than a lot...
there are no COINCIDENCES

Yes Brian talks in math, cause math is the only universal language. It is pure
and cannot be manipulated without being caught and proven.
It is failproof.

This is why you will not get many of his vids.
However you will get and understand
his urge to cure all illness, invent free energy, heal the oil spill,
get us our strawman names back, stop paying TAXES forever....
and help us understand that WE ARE GOD too
and that there are two laws LOVE YOURSELF and LOVE OTHERS.
Everything else would have fallen neatly within!
I apologize for those who can't grasp it yet.
He can't come on a cloud, as you wont ignore him.

Quite frankly I dont see what you have left to lose.Why hold on to baggage that aint the vatican doing anything for the oil spill.
Whatevers clever yo' Enjoy being a product of your parents baggage...Jew Christian Catholic Jahovah....I can't even fucking imagine doing that to my kid.
FREEDOM MAN....LOVE AND FREEDOM the only message that counts.

"Aids IS Being Cured in Port Moresby New GuineaAnd Who Is Making This Miracle Happen?It Is Brian Leonard GolightlyMarshall, The Man Who is Christ the Savior,God in the Flesh ...WHERE is the Media Coverage?" - Lisa