Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cobra - COPS WAKE UP!!!!!

SherrieLeaLaird September 18, 2009 2:44
Updated JUNE 30th COPS WAKE UP!!!!! What in Christs name are you fighting the people for. We are fighting for your rights and you are fighting us. SOUNDS a BIT ZOMBIFIED to me.

UNARMED TORONTONIANS PAID a BILLION DOLLARS to have RIOT GEAR protect the demonic government. OBAMA FLEW HIS OWN LIMOSINE INTO TORONTO. IT"S A MOCKERY TO COPS and their families..Yet cops are visiting my page to insult me.... LOOK at what your boss is doing to your mind. IT IS is not your own. YOU ARE DRESSED IN RIOT GEAR shooting sleeping dogs and old ladies. GRAB a hold of yourself. WHERE is the MAN YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE... COPS have become LOST. FIREMEN wear 70 lbs of equipment to race into a BURNING BUILDING. ANYONE CAN carry a gun, pepper spray and a bullet proof vest. YES I SAID ANYONE!!!! To the stooge that keeps writing to me.

What's going on with the cops. They can't look at themselves in the mirror and see they are dressed from head to toe in PROTECTIVE GEAR and they attack unarmed people. They LOOK terrified. I get nasty emails from cops calling me a Hippie....You mean you COP dressed head to toe in RIOT gear are afraid of an unarmed MUSICIAN....and call me I didn't know you were a cop losing your mind over there. WELL dude, you know who you are. GET YOUR MIND BACK...they use drugs and mind control to tell you WE are the bad guy. ROTHSCHILDS steals from the PEOPLE. WE THE PEOPLE PAY YOU TO PROTECT US and THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND AND OBAMA TRICK you into protecting them.

I AM the QUEEN, and I free you all and love you may go now. She doesn't own you and neither does the pyramid on the back of the dollar. Scoot, are FREE.. I said so.

LOVE and LIGHT won.
Earth and Animals RULE!
"The Queen's a liazard, darling' lol but true
Come down baby
wanna see u tonight
get u naked dancing by the fire light
Open up and tear it up to free your mind
slither like a cobra coming deep inside
like a cobra
your my cobra

take a trip upon a ship
that is our bed
let me get all over it around your head
extasy is close I see it in your eyes
feel a fire deep within of pure desire
like a cobra
your my cobra

All my life
I've waited for you
just to make your dreams come true
offer up your everything and I'll bite
into your heart

Night time
is the right time
for making love
be cool about it and we can reach the sweet sublime

All my life
I've waited for you
just to make your dreams come true

Wake up! You have much to learn Grasshoppah