Friday, June 18, 2010

K-RINO -GRAND DECEPTION- Tellin it Like it is

SherrieLeaLaird — February 01, 2010 — I think the original vid makers lives


I am hearing AMAZING REVIEWS about his work and I went to check it. WOW AMazing stuff. POWEFUL poetry about truth!

I lost the original link. I will be back.

I could enjoy other artists if this was all exposed then I could stomach a LADY GAGA type..

BUT UNTIL the truth is out ALL OTHER MUSIC not telling it like it is, is traitor shit.
When you are not looking they are stabbing and electrocuting people and animals.

AND YOU NEED to stop enjoying the DISTRACTION enough to HEAR AND SEE!!!!

All in due time, you can get back to your bullshit dance music, that cares not about you.