Friday, June 25, 2010

Sounding the alarm...blowing the Trumpet!

What don't you people get? We live in Hell and Lucifer is trying to kill us.
Quantum Prayer 7-17-2010
No don't wait ---> Start NOW!!!
Yahweh/Jesus/Asherah (Demons be Damned!)

Sounding the alarm...blowing the Trumpet!

MichelleNye | June 24, 2010 | 4:35
Get this to RJ ...the announcement that Yahweh is here must be made by RJ...hang the consequences you were born for this moment in time to make the announcement on the earth what MSM wont do and what the planets and the stars are doing on June 26th...go watch the videos ..someone send RJ morningliberty the videos of June 26th Cross in the sky....

26 June 2010 Stars confirm Yahweh is back

MichelleNye — June 05, 2010 — The stars confirm the dates May 24th and June 26 2010 that Yahweh is here on the earth Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall King of kings and Lord of lords.