Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Endless Battle Fresno Ca. Coruption -Keep Marla in Prayers

Hang in There Marla. We Love You!

From Marla's comment:

I appreciate your thoughts and prayers. I made a vow to my MURDERED family members that I would spend my last breath fighting to expose the truth about their deaths. Unfortunately, Mayor Alan Autry made sure that did not happen. He turned an already horrific situation into another death sentence. Without the truth ~ I cannot survive. Without money, I cannot continue the fight for truth.

Money? As the secret replacement of the water system continued behind my back, I continued pouring money into repairs, never suspecting that the City of Fresno + Wilbert Swieso were having my family's 2 properties torn apart. I finally mortgaged my home next door, to keep paying the repairs. (This is why Swieso hired me ~ so no one would be home to see what he and the City of Fresno were doing to our properties.) Public records verify the lies behind the city risk analyst re: sewage back spills ~ they also verify the cover-up. Public records verify how Swieso had the 2 properties taken by fraud at a loss in excess of $1 million.

My home was also left a shambles, rebuilt with trash, now setting on top of corroded, clamped sewer/water lines. Risk analyst continued the lies, sabotaged my insurance so no claim. The bank now owns my home which was initially paid for free and clear, valued at $225,000. One contractor said was not worth $35,000 after what took place. The City of Fresno and Wilbert Swieso did this to me!!!

Naturally, reports were prohibited by the risk analyst who set me (and others) up for elimination so this could take place, so I pled for help from Mayor Alan Autry. Mayor Autry had this same risk analyst commit perjury to call me a "liar" and prevent a report from being filed! Death threats ensued.

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It was not expected I would still be alive. Fraudulent legal documents overriding an IRREVOCABLE TRUST, appointing Swieso "Successor Trustee" of my family's 2 properties. Fraudulent insurance policy appointing Swieso, "beneficiary." I barely got away. My handicapped uncle and neighbors on 3 sides were not as "lucky." Left unemployable due to the hidden cameras while being poisoned, robbed of everything I owned, pets killed/harmed, more. I remain surrounded by this mob who keep me monitored, sabotaged as the horrors continue. People with trails, including the ones who lied about the unsolved murder across the street when this took place. And another family (Frank) this was done to ~ more estates taken over by this mob. More deaths, with facts never exposed.

So don't get me wrong ~ it is not that I am suicidal ~ suicidal people do not invest night and day trying to stay alive. Since I was prohibited from help, restitution or even filing a report I did the best I could with what I had ~ a computer. Behind my back my computers were hacked, networked; altering my documents and evidence in addition to online stalking and more discrediting. Other computers completely fried. There is no way around this mob. Nor is there anything left with me to fight with - after years of living in terror while continuing my efforts to seek help/restitution, I have run out.

At one point I was told that although "I made it further than any of the others, for me there is no way out." Another told me I would be meeting the others, "in another world." (Including his wife he said he eliminated in order to carry this out. Verified forgeries of his wife.) One told me I would be committing suicide as others did when they *thought* they got away. Because there is no way out of this.

My siblings stepped into the "rotation system" and will also be eliminated; they cannot see beyond the smokescreen. Autry's R.O. against me is nothing less than a death sentence for them as well.

Many people have found all of this hard to believe so I invited several for a quick tour. After seeing it with their own eyes, they left in total shock, jaws hanging open. But it went no further because there is no help ~ nor was it their family murdered to carry this out.

Fresno's born-again Christian Mayor ~ quite a role model as he taught another group how easy it is to annihilate and take what others worked lifetimes for. As they say, "You can't fight City Hall." Now you know why. All I can do at this point is hope the information remains in safe hands