Monday, May 31, 2010

The count down to death has begun

MichelleNye — May 29, 2010 — Speed of Light 0.5813 & counting down Judgement has been warned by the prophets for thousands of years, Noah warned the world and then came the flood when Mars bumped into the earth pouring forth the entire oceans of Mars. Now its asteroids that will take out those who do not listen to my last warning. The USA is sitting on the largest volcano on the face of the Earth and is lined up with a Tsunami 3000 feet high to take out the East coast. remember the flood
3 Speed of Light 0.5813 & counting down
May 23 2010 Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall

MichelleNye — May 29, 2010 — The Great Pyramid is the Altar to Yahweh, the Lord, Isaiah 19:19 and 19:20,
A sacrifice of those who were to have taken up their cross and followed me. As Jesus came as a baby born of Mary the royal line from Ireland and Joseph Ben Jacob the natural father who married Mary in the Essene tradition, I too had to return as Jesus being the soul reincarnate in accordance of Isaiah, the Key of David. Isaiah 22:22 which will be opened then closed by Yahweh the true king of the House of King David. The Light of the world is Yahweh, the Creator the sprit that sustains, and He who can kill both soul and body in Hell, here upon the earth. The count down to death has started, 942 days until the end from May 24th 2010. Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall