Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gog Magog Russia to take out the USA

MichelleNye — January 28, 2010 — Russia is Gog Magog, the Las Palmas extinct volcano points directly to Russia. In fact any small nation could drop a small atomic bomb off the east coast and destroy the USA east coast from Florida to Canada.

MichelleNye — January 28, 2010 — There was 5 views in 25 minutes, potentially 288 views per day or 4200 per week or 105,000 per year. come back in a week and see how many the Pentagon has stopped. Now as said a small nuclear device dropped off a fishing trawler into the deep sea off the east coast of Las Palmas will cause the 2424 meter high extinct volcano to slide into the Atlantic sending a 2000 foot high wave towards the east Coast of the USA and the south coast of England. 2424 Greek concordance is Jesus. Conservative estimate of wave hight, 300 to 500 feet. Russia will then dominate the world.