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Pittsburgh & the Mayan Calendar

By Vikki Hanchin, LSW

The phrase, “we are the ones we have been waiting for,” comes from the final lines of a prophetic message sent out from the Elders of the Hopi, “the People of Peace,” regarding the challenging times we are now going through. The knowledge of humanity’s risk of self-destruction as we struggle to evolve beyond greed, domination and fear was foreseen by the prophetic traditions of many Indigenous Americans, many generations ago.

So what are the ancient “2012 prophecies?” Where do they come from and what do they say about our current times? What is the predicted “new age?” What is the ancient Mayan Calendar and why is it getting such attention now, in light of these predictions of a shift of the ages? Do women have a special role in all this? Why does Pittsburgh play such an important geographic role in these prophecies and evolutionary shifts? What do Pittsburghers need to understand, and what do we need to do, to be a vital part of this grand evolutionary process? These critical issues bear further exploration.

What Are The 2012 Prophecies?

The term “2012 prophecies” has come to refer to the rich prophetic traditions of several Indigenous American peoples, such as the Hopi, Seneca, Cherokee and Maya. The 2012 date itself comes from the end date of Mayan Calendar, which represents its own prophetic system. Many tribal prophecies, some of which have been fulfilled, and some of which are still in process, correspond to the Mayan Calendar predictions through their ancient system for tracking cycles of creation.

For generations, the Indigenous peoples had to deal with the destruction of their wisdom. In order to ensure the survival of their sacred teachings, a Council of Elders of Red Nations of North, South and Central America was called 500 years ago. At that time prophetic teachings were hidden and protected by secret societies, to await a time when people would be open to hear and learn. Within the past 30 years, the tribal “spirit-ancestors directed their people to reveal these hidden teachings to those of good will who will listen,” (personal communication, 1994, Twyla Nitsch, Medicine Woman of the Seneca Wolf Clan). These prophecies are increasingly being revealed.

The earliest Native American prophesies told of the arrival of the Europeans, their cultural domination, and the near destruction by White people of native ways and wisdom of living in harmony with Earth. Their prophesies foretold a time of increasing darkness, as materialism would replace ethics, and technological and material developments would bring levels of pollution and imbalance such that our future survival would be at stake.

Finally, high-tech cultures are beginning to seriously scrutinize our “progress.” Are we really progressing? We are living an interesting paradox: the progression of the Western-led industrial, technological and informational revolutions that have generated so many benefits, simultaneously have been creating nightmares of overwhelming problems we cannot seem to correct.

The list of complex and overwhelming problems accompanying our progress is huge. Global warming is intensifying our weather patterns and has produced hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and droughts of incomprehensible severity. Terrorism, arms proliferation, wars, unsustainable materialism, pollution, corrupt leaders, unchecked greed, a growing gap between the rich and poor, threats of Avian flu leaping to humans, HIV-AIDS, violence and sexual abuse of women and children, serious violence perpetrated even by juveniles, economic instability, overpopulation…it is quite a chilling list.

These issues that now threaten the future of our planet are the very issues that were foreseen by many Native American tribes. The Hopi word for this condition of imbalance in which we currently find ourselves is “Koyaanisquatsi.” Their prophesies indicate that a path to survival is not guaranteed, and requires reestablishing “right relationship” with Mother Earth and all our relations, through incorporating ancient ways of living in harmony.

All of the indigenous American 2012 prophecies are similar. They all include predictions of “Earth changes,” which describe a cleansing or purging process that Mother Earth will go through, in reaction to the pollution and imbalance humans have created. This cleansing process is characterized by severe weather patterns such as increasingly intense and frequent hurricanes, earthquakes, droughts and storms, even the rising of sea levels. Many predictions include the collapse of materialism and the global economy.

According to Mayan elder Carlos Barrios, who also writes about the Mayan Calendar and their prophecies, “All of the prophesies of the world, all the traditions, are converging now. There is no time for games.” He goes on to say that the Earth changes have begun in earnest, but that the prophetic year of 2012 does not mean the end of the world, as has been sensationalized.

Based on the wisdom of the Mayan prophesies and their sophisticated calendar system, Barrios says, “the world will not end. It will be transformed.” In the new era, a “heavenly energy” will infuse the planet and assist a transition to peace, unity, love, sharing and respect. Separateness and divisiveness will end, and oneness will prevail.

Barrios explains that the Earth changes are accelerating now, and will continue. But, he emphasizes, “it is up to the people…our attitude and actions will determine how harsh or how mild they are.” In fact, these converging native prophecies call for “people of the light” to come together and unite in some way in the service of healing and survival.

Some of these prophesies say that now is the time for gathering and mobilizing women, because it is “through the voices of women that the future will be ensured.” It is a Hopi prophesy that, “When the Grandmothers speak, peace will return to the Earth, and the Earth will be healed.”

Interestingly, in 2004, “The Alliance of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers” from around the world, established their proclamation of concerns and commitments to help Mother Earth, and inspired hosts of similar wise-women gatherings across the country.

There is indeed a growing public awareness that the choices humanity makes during the next few years may well determine whether life as we know it will be able to continue flourishing on this planet Earth.

What Other World Teachings And Discoveries Align With These 2012 Prophecies?
Interestingly, these native 2012 prophecies share similarities with The Bible’s Book of Revelation; the predictions of visionaries Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus; the Mother Mary sightings at Medugorje, Yugoslavia; the Indian Vedic teachings of the Kali Yuga (the final Age of Darkness, after which we begin our return to the Golden Age of oneness with the Divine Light); the arrival of the astrological Age of Aquarius, and other world traditions. Indeed there is, as Barrios said, a convergence of prophetic thinking across all the world religions and prophetic traditions. One might discount these if considered singularly, but taken together, it cannot be wise to ignore them.

In addition, all major world religions teach of a return of their Great Ones: Jesus Christ for the Christians, the Messiah for the Jews, the Future Buddha Maitreya for the Buddhists, Kalki and Krishna for the Hindus, and the Imam Mahdi and the 12th Imam for the Muslims. The Native American peoples also have such teachings: the return of the Peacemaker for the Seneca, the Pahana (True White Brother) for the Hopi, Quetzalcoatl (a Christ-figure) for the Maya.

This predicted return of the Great Ones is seen by each of these religions as imminent. Some currently recognize the presence of an Ascended Master among us now, known as the World Teacher, the one to galvanize all people of goodwill, in all sectors of society, regardless of faith tradition. Many refer to him as “Maitreya.” His purpose is to assist humanity’s shift into oneness through sharing planetary resources to end poverty and hunger. Many others predict that, rather than a return of another Ascended Master at this time in history, humanity’s collective consciousness will shift to embody the teachings of these Masters— of love and unity with the divine. In fact, the so-called “shift of the ages” is often portrayed as the time when an activation of “Christ-consciousness”– of compassion and oneness– occurs within all people.

This “shift of the ages” addresses the astrological progression of Earth’s movement through the influence of the 12 zodiac signs in our cosmos. Each astrological age lasts approximately 2,155 years long. We are currently shifting from the astrological Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. The archetypal themes of each zodiac sign are seen as informing the next developmental stage of human consciousness.

In the Piscean age, which opened 2,000 years ago with the arrival of Jesus Christ, most of humanity’s moral/emotional/spiritual evolution was in its early stages. People needed strict rules from outer authority/institutions about what to believe and how to act. During this era, people typically did not have direct access to sacred teachings, but could only receive them through religious intermediaries. With information being controlled by leaders and institutions, it unfortunately was easy to withhold or distort sacred knowledge in order to control the masses.

In the Aquarian age, humans are portrayed as shifting into our capacity for direct access to knowledge and direct experience of spiritual revelation. We are moving away from outer authority, to an inner authority aligned directly with divinity. This ascended status is seen as portrayed by the Aquarian symbol of the “Water-Bearer.” Rather than being like the fish of the Piscean Age, immersed within the waters in mass-consciousness, the individual now has mastery to contain the waters of consciousness in the sacred vessel, and carry it forth.

Debate is still occurring in astrological circles whether the Aquarian Age has begun already or not.

Our increasing ability to receive direct knowledge and spiritual experience is being supported by the internet, TV, books and media. Also, specific 20th century discoveries such as the Dead Sea Scrolls, yielding the wisdom of the Essenes, and the lost Gnostic Gospels, of Mary Magdalene, Philip, and Thomas have been a major leap in this direction. Each text reveals ways we can access spiritual mastery through direct experience rather than through institutionally controlled and prescribed doctrine. The current ease of public access to such ancient teachings and other forms of knowledge, through the internet and other sources, is like a confirmation of the shift of consciousness we are undergoing with the arrival of the age of Aquarius.

Many other ancient sources of mystical knowledge and spiritual technology, previously withheld from public access, are being revealed as well. The Kabala, or Tree Of Life, from within Judiasm; the Sufi tradition from within Islam; Kundalini yoga and Shri Vidya (the knowledge of Divine Mother) from within Hinduism are examples. Recent archeological discoveries have also emerged, demonstrating the existence of world-wide, pre-historic, peaceful, Goddess-based cultures that long outlasted our merely 5,000+ years of patriarchal culture and male dominated religions.

These discoveries triggered the women’s spirituality movement, which helped restore the feminine face of divinity to public awareness. New information about Mary Magdalene herself being the Holy Grail of the lost sacred feminine consciousness, as well as being the sacred partner of Jesus has also assisted this awareness.

With this background, we can see that we are entering a time where ancient knowledge is emerging in new ways in support of a leap of consciousness many call “ascension” or the “shift of the ages.”

Who Are The Maya And What Are Their Calendars?

The Maya were an ancient civilization whose culture flourished from 2500 BCE to 800 CE, in the area that is currently the Yucatan of Mexico, Lowland Guatemala, and Belize. They were the most advanced astronomers, mathematicians and architects of their time. Their culture influenced other Native American cultures, and was mostly destroyed by the Spanish Christians. Descendants of the ancient Maya still exist today.

The Mayan Calendar, which is actually a system of calendars, was first catapulted into public attention on August 16, 1987. It was on this date that a globally coordinated spiritual event occurred, spearheaded by author Jose Arguelles, called the Harmonic Convergence. This date was identified as pivotal in the Mayan Calendar as the beginning of a global awakening into love, unity and cooperation. Many cite this date as inaugurating the Age of Aquarius. In support of this process of shifting human consciousness, people gathered in groups at sacred sites around the world, for meditation, prayer and ceremony.

The Mayan Calendar end date of 2012 was then speculated as meaning the end of the world. However, this interpretation is not the accurate understanding. From a Mayan perspective, Earth and humanity are progressing through cycles of divinely guided evolution in consciousness. These cycles continue until 2012. Then humans will transform from limited beings, who experience ourselves as separate from the Creator/Creation, into unlimited beings aligned with the Creator/Creation, as fully conscious co-creators.

Mayan calendars were not primarily about time, but about tracking the flow of creation, identifying the intent or purpose that creation had for each day. They used their calendars to align themselves to the flow of a divine purpose or plan for humanity’s evolution. Their calendars can still be applied in this way today.

According to internationally recognized Mayan Calendar expert and author, Carl Johan Calleman, the ancient Mayan Calendar system did indeed establish “an exact science of creation,” and is scientific proof of the existence of a Divine Intelligence guiding creation (The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness). Calleman has determined two of these calendars, the “tun” and “tzolkin,” to be sacred calendars used as prophetic tools by the ancient Maya.

This calendar system still assists our understanding of what has been occurring and can be expected to occur next on Earth. Calleman has charted extensively how events of history– such as the arrival of new philosophies, inventions, wars, religions, economic collapses—each arrived in the Mayan calendar’s predicted timeframe, establishing particular aspects of new consciousness. These timeframes were mathematically calculated by the Maya based on their understanding of the cycles of Divine influence.

These ancient calendars elaborate a timeframe of evolution, spanning from 16.4 billion years ago, with the “Big Bang” of creation, to 2012. They chart nine “Underworlds” or levels of creation, each bringing consciousness into increased complexity and awareness. Each underworld level passes through a thirteen-stage process, of receiving alternating light and dark energy transmissions from Divine Intelligence. These Divine transmissions guide the process— seven days and six nights of creation (7 days + 6 nights = 13 stages of development) at each level.

We are familiar with the story of seven days/six nights of creation in Genesis and other religious traditions. In the Mayan version, each period of light, or “day,” brings in new developments or ideas. Each period of dark, or “night,” is a time for application or integration of the new developments, sometimes involving the collapse of the old institutions. And a Mayan “day” or “night”—rather than our modern 24-hour concept—represents a varying duration of time at each creation cycle, such as 1000 years, for example.

Each cycle then culminates in a new level of consciousness built on the foundation of the previous one. Each underworld level is twenty times faster than the previous one. If time is not speeding up, creation certainly is! So creation is still in process, and on an exact schedule. The timeframe of this creation is seen as ending either on 10/28/2011 (Calleman’s calculation), or on 12/21/2012 (the traditional Mayan calculation), because at that time we will make a huge evolutionary leap in our consciousness. Some traditions call this leap “ascension.”

The Maya had specific imagery for the source of these divine transmissions guiding our evolution. They portrayed these divine transmissions as emanating from a Universal World Tree, in the heart of the Milky Way, projecting its impulses of intelligence to our Planetary World Tree. And humans then receive the pulses of intelligence through our attunement to our planet. The World Tree imagery is present in other cultural traditions also (Judaism, the Norse and Celtic traditions, and various indigenous cultures have versions of a world tree/Tree of Life.)

The metaphor of a world tree also fits with the current scientific thinking of our universe as a hologram. If the universe is a hologram, then the whole is reflected in each of its parts.

Information is transmitted from the whole (macro-cosm), to its parts (micro-cosm). These transmissions happen in an ongoing and systematic manner through “holographic resonance,” which is an information–download process that occurs through photons of light. Quantum physics has demonstrated light’s capacity to store and transmit information via the zero-point field, an omni-present field of sub-atomic light particles (McTaggart, The Field). The Universal World Tree translates into the macro-cosm, holographically downloading its information to the micro-cosm of the Planetary World Tree and on to the human level within the planet.

So far, Earth and humans have evolved through seven of the nine Underworlds, or levels of consciousness, and we have just entered the eighth level. We have evolved through the levels of cellular, mammalian, familial, tribal, regional, national, and planetary consciousness. We began the level of galactic consciousness in 1999, which will last 12.8 years. The final level is called the universal level and is calculated to begin in 2011/2012, lasting 260 days.

How Does The Mayan Calendar Apply To Our Time In History?

Most perceive events of the current unfolding of history as alarming and grim. The reason that it doesn’t seem that humans have evolved to a higher level of consciousness is that so far, ever since “the Fall,” we entered a consciousness of duality, of perceived separation from God, each other and Earth. “The Fall,” expressed in Biblical and other cultural stories, was pinpointed by the Mayans as occurring in history 5,125 years ago. This is the time frame when the current “great creation cycle,” called the Mayan Long Count, began on August 10, 3114 BCE. This also marks the period of history when patriarchal systems of religions and national identities were organized, and written languages arose. A consciousness of domination, competition, inequality, scarcity and fear accompanied this duality perspective. And the earlier experience of the interconnected web of life began to fade. The “Wisdom–Keepers” of indigenous cultures have fortunately preserved some of this ancient knowledge.

The final, Universal Underworld level of our evolution will shift us into our divine consciousness of love and oneness in 2011/2012. But first we must complete our current development in the Galactic Underworld, which heals our duality-based consciousness.

This rebalancing of duality occurs on a human level, primarily through integrating the feminine and masculine aspects of our brain and consciousness. So, the feminine/right brain aspects of awareness and functioning (heart, feeling, nurturing, intuition, cooperation ) will increasingly integrate with the masculine/left brain awareness and functioning (mind, thinking, producing, analyzing competition) whether we are males or females. Humans will become more whole and integrated. And females will rise to truer equality with males as a result.

The healing of duality is also occurring through integrating ancient wisdom into modern technology and science, integrating spirituality and materialism. This has been reflected in the new research in Quantum physics, where the scientists themselves are experiencing spiritual opening as they learn about the zero-point field, for example.

And this balancing of duality occurs on a planetary level through the right/Eastern hemisphere of the planet coming into prominence in various ways to gain equal footing with the left/Western hemisphere. We see this occurring now through the increasing acceptance of spiritual knowledge from the East, the integration of Chinese and Vedic traditions of wholistic healing, as well as the acceleration of economic development in the East.

Why Is Pittsburgh So Central In These Prophesies And Evolutionary Shifts?
Our Pittsburgh history confirms that the Point Park area, where our three rivers converge, was a sacred site for tribal rituals of the Native Americans who inhabited this region. All indigenous cultures recognize the sacred power of any geographical area where three rivers merge. Our area is even more unique with the fourth, underground river (more accurately defined as an aquifer), that feeds the fountain, and empties into the Ohio River. The four rivers carry special significance regarding our area’s surprising connection to the origins of the Maya themselves as well as the Mayan 2012 prophesies.

Recent archeological studies conducted through the University of Pittsburgh (Adovasio, The First Americans) have confirmed that the Western Pennsylvania area of the Meadowcroft Rockshelter near Greater Pittsburgh is the area where the first Americans established themselves in permanent settlement over a 16,000-year period. These first Americans dated back to 15,000-19,000 B.C.E.

Tracking the migration of what appears to be their cultural footprints of sacred mound technology along the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers into the Yucatan, one witnesses the sacred mounds evolving into the mathematically sophisticated step-pyramids typical of the Maya.

This evidence leads to an interesting conclusion. It appears that these first Americans, established in our Western Pennsylvania region, were the predecessors of the ancient Maya. If this conclusion is valid, this would link our Pittsburgh area with the Maya historically.

Returning to the significance of Pittsburgh’s converging rivers, several visionaries, healers, a Himalayan holy man, and the Dalai Lama himself have all confirmed that the Point where the rivers converge is indeed a sacred portal. Several of them have confirmed that this portal, or gateway, will soon be activated to bring forth pure universal light for our planet’s transformation.

Two of these visionaries, Nance and Frank, are from the Pittsburgh area. Together they do planetary healing and ascension work, to anchor into Earth the changes needed to facilitate our transition to the new age. According to their transmissions of guidance,

“Pittsburgh IS the “Point of Light,” the key portal of twelve such portals on sacred sites across the Earth.”

They explain that these portals are at locations in the earth’s landscape where a convergence of rivers, mountains or other geographical formations creates a mirror image of the sacred Mayan Universal World Tree, visible in the Milky Way. These Earth portals receive and transmit the holographic transmissions from the Universal World Tree at regular intervals.

In the Universal World tree within the Milky way, three rivers of stars flow in the same directions as Pittsburgh’s three rivers, and its starless area, called “the Dark Rift,” mirrors our forth, underground river. “That is what makes Pittsburgh’s portal the most accurate map of the Universal World Tree on the Earth,” Nance emphasizes. The Mayan Calendar has identified certain dates as breakthrough points, when new information from the Universal World Tree is transmitted to our Planetary World Tree. November 23, 2006 is such a significant date, which inaugurates the Mayan Fifth Day of our current creation cycle, known as the “Breakthrough to Light.” As the key portal, Pittsburgh’s Point is playing a powerful role during this period of the Mayan Fifth Day of our current cycle, disseminating new Light-transmitted information through the portal of our converging four rivers.

Nance further states that Pittsburgh’s spiritual purpose needed to be hidden until now, but by 2011-2012, Pittsburgh will be recognized globally as a spiritual powerhouse. She wants Pittsburghers to know that, “if you live in Pittsburgh, you are here for an important reason: to witness, nurture, and transmit the pure incoming light of this universal portal. Being aware of the legacy of our ancient landscape is crucial in the evolution of consciousness of this planet and our species at this time.”

Another visionary/ healer, Edemir Rossi from Brazil, echoes these insights. His perception is that Pittsburgh is an “alchemical city.” He sees the collective spiritual energy here, previously dormant, as now awakening and ready to ascend and transform the region from dense coal-consciousness into enlightened diamond-consciousness. A Himalayan holy man and Shri Vidya master from India, Babaji, recently visited Pittsburgh. His meditations, guidance and visions validated this assessment of the spiritual significance of our city and the importance of the Point.

Meanwhile, the contemporary Maya are keeping their count of days, marked in 20-day cycles, when Earth receives the progressive doses of cosmic information arriving through the “harmonic resonance” of divine transmission. Marker dates, such as November 23.2006 are meant to be celebrated. But the BIG date we are preparing for according to the Maya is December 21– the Solstice– of 2012. At that time, our sun will move into alignment with the heart of the Milky Way to create a cosmic cross, seen to be an embodiment of the World Tree.

And our Earth will align with the center of the galaxy. It is this alignment, occurring once every 26,000 years, which is understood as opening the channel for a higher level of cosmic energy to flow to Earth, bringing us into an ascended consciousness.

What Can Pittsburghers (and anyone else) Do To Be A Vital Part Of This Grand Planetary Evolutionary Shift?

We must grasp this central message, Carl Calleman emphasized in a phone interview with this writer: “Based on empirical research we can conclude that there is an exact divine plan that is driving the consciousness of humanity to a state of oneness, where there are no filters between humans and the divine…into a cosmic level of consciousness…into our full unlimited potential.”
Echoing Nance and Frank’s call, Carlos Barrios urges that we “need to reactivate the energy of sacred places. That is our work.” Go to these sacred places (the Point is ours!) and visualize the spread of the incoming pure healing light. Do this both alone and in groups.

As Mayan leader Carlos Barrios reminds us, our attitudes and choices will determine how harsh the Earth changes will be. So each person is being called to do her/his part, inwardly and outwardly.

Do personal psychological work to release the grip of fear-based conditioning that generates anxiety, anger, greed, and negative judgement, which entrap you in the perception of separation. Such work is not self-absorbed, but adds to the larger pool of healing and awareness. Find a therapist who is spiritually attuned.

Meditation, prayer and spiritual practice are vital inner grounding for these changes. Allow your heart to direct you to a tradition with deep roots. A daily practice is recommended. Finding a yoga or meditation class, or spiritual guidance can help.

It is important not to identify with the surface appearance of reality. The old institutional and personality structures based in duality and fear must collapse to make way for new structures based in higher consciousness. Much transformation is occurring beneath the surface.
Become an activist. Elect leaders who will take action to share resources and protect the Earth.

Be mindful of your own connection to the Earth. Join your actions with like-minded others.
Cultivate a heart focus, centered in love, respect, tolerance, sharing, gratitude, compassion and forgiveness. Continuously redirect fear-based, limiting thoughts.

If you are a woman, find ways to gather with other women of heart and vision to reclaim and integrate the sacred feminine. Men of heart can assist this process as well.

Develop your intuition. The mind as we have known it will become too limited of a tool for negotiating the rapid changes that will arise. Intuition is our next survival tool, which comes through cultivating an ongoing flow of connection to the source, to the divine.

Participate in Deeksha, which are divine energy transfers that activate each individual’s enlightenment process. This increases the overall level of planetary enlightenment. (See resource list)

Participate in Transmission Meditation, a service meditation which allows individuals to transmit higher energies through their chakras so that these energies may be directed by the Masters of Wisdom to where they are most needed on Earth. Amazing spiritual transformation is the side-effect of this service. (See resource list)

Gather with other Pittsburghers to discuss this information and to celebrate our special place and purpose.

No matter what, keep doing your part to spread light and love. Remember, it is up to each of us: we are the ones we have been waiting for.

Vikki Hanchin, LSW is a psychotherapist and workshop leader in private practice in the Regent Square area of Pittsburgh for over 20 years. Her passions are integrating ancient wisdom into modern understanding and working to reclaim the sacred feminine. She is also the Director of the YWCA Women’s Counseling Center. Contact her at or 412-241-7001 to attend a community dialogue on this article.

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Local Resources:
Such as Deeksha, Transmission Meditation Groups, various forms of yoga classes, and spiritually attuned counselors can be found within the pages of this issue of Point of Light.