Sunday, September 6, 2009

Alan's Trust-How safe is your Last Will and Testament?

A story of truth or fantasy

Alan's Trust

Written by Peter

I have accurately recorded the events near the time of my brother's death and what followed; they combine to reveal an intriguing story. Did he die naturally or was he helped in some way? Has a crime or two taken place? Some may think so. Maybe there is a conspiracy, if so how far it may extend is unclear. I am certain that nothing is quite as it should be. Nevertheless this account shows a fascinating view of human nature, society and the establishment in the United Kingdom. The story is so bizarre that it could well be fiction, and that is why I have added "A story of truth or fantasy" to the title.

What is frightening is that it is all absolutely true.

The story is not finished as there is much more to be added: The unwillingness of the Devon Police: as their Detective Inspector Taylor, at Paignton Police Station told me, he was afraid of being sued and he gave the impression that this was his priority. The police's unwillingness to act is something I am fully aware of and can give countless unrelated accounts to support this statement if required; they are ready to be written. How the legal system in England has precious little to do with justice. All that detail will be added in time.

What is certain now is that the will and wishes of my deceased brother Alan Edward Hindley of Paignton, Devon has not been adhered to and the UK law and establishment do nothing. As a named executor I have been denied the right to execute his wishes, as has another executer, his daughter Susan.

Why were normal formalities following a death not followed?

This and other questions will reveal themselves.

I have been told my brother died in his home during the evening of 14th March 2002 in at least four different places, and all on the same night, the last time anything vaguely like this happened was two thousand years ago (please forgive the last statement, it is not meant to offend); so this is where the story starts: