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G-20 Summit Organizing at a Glance

Thomas Merton Center
Mobilization Support
The Thomas Merton Center, a local hub for peace and justice organizing, is helping to facilitate G20 organizing across different sectors. Working groups include housing, march & rally planning, G20media, “legalities” and others.
Press Contact: Melissa Minnich, , 412-361-3022

The People’s March
9/25, 12pm
The Thomas Merton Center’s Antiwar Committee is taking the lead for the coordinating a 9/25 permitted march & rally to demand, “Money for Human needs, Not for War!”. The march will start in Oakland and end Downtown. They are inviting groups to form contingents and feeder marches.
Press Contact: Melissa Minnich, , 412-361-3022

The People's Summit
9/19, 9am-6pm; 9/21-22, 7pm-10pm
A partnership of educators and advocacy groups concerned with peace and social justice is organizing a summit to discuss global problems and possible solutions that are informed by the basic principles of democracy and human rights. They are diverse speakers and panels, representing different perspectives, as well as organizing interactive workshop discussions. Locations TBA.
Press Contact: tba

People’s Voices
9/23, 6:30pm; 9/24, 3-5pm; 6:30-8:30pm
The Institute for Policy Studies, The Nation Magazine, United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (UE), Pittsburgh United, and other organizations are hosting three events. 9/23 (unconfirmed): a panel on corporate globalization featuring former World Bank President Joseph Stiglitz along with other prominent speakers. 9/24: “A Global ‘Local’ Exchange” at 3:30pm as well as a “People’s Tribunal” at 6:30pm. Locations TBA.
Press Contact: Robin Alexander,

International Peace, Justice, & Empowerment Summit
9/22-23 location TBA
The National Council For Urban Peace, Justice & Empowerment is organizing a response to the G20 Summit. The purpose is to elevate discussion of the G20 beyond the narrow aspects of the health of financial markets, to addressing problems such as poverty, housing, employment, education, climate change, urban infrastructure, healthcare, economic development and other issues pertinent to the survival of disadvantaged peoples as part of the long-term answer to the viability of countries.
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Pittsburgh G20 Resistance Project
Mobilization Support — Direct action on 9/24, 2:30pm & 9/25, 12 noon
PG20RP's goals are to set up a convergence space, find housing, maintain an information clearing house, create & distribute materials, provide legal support, build hype for the mobilization, engage in local outreach, and develop an action framework. The action framework consists of a march on the Summit on 9/24.
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3 Rivers Climate Convergence: United for Environmental Justice
9/20-9/25 Climate Camp — 9/21-9/23 Coal Protests— Screenings
Local and national groups and individuals are collaborating on a climate justice camp & sustainable-living fair, protests & creative actions around the International Coal Conference that directly precedes the G20 summit in Pittsburgh, screenings & live presentations w/environmental justice films, and showcasing the North American Climate Justice Tour featuring climate change refugees.
Press Contact: , 412-216-9821

Global Justice Panel
9/22 or 9/23 (unconfirmed)
University of Pittsburgh’s Students for Radical Change is organizing a panel at the Univ. of Pittsburgh featuring Amy Goodman and Naomi Klein to be held at the University of Pittsburgh.

G-6 Billion
Procession on 9/20, 2pm, and more
A collection of spiritual, religious, and other groups & individuals have come together to organize a procession on Sunday, 9/20 that will start on the North Side at 2pm and end near the Convention Center. They are also organizing educational activities and prayer in the days leading up to the G20 Summit as well as an event on 9/21, the UN's International Day of Peace.
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Women's Coalition
9/20-25 Tent City — Feeder march for 9/25 permitted march
Pittsburgh chapters of the CodePink, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom and other groups are forming a coalition for "Women's Tent City: Real People, Real Needs" representing refugees at a location TBA and a feeder march & contingent for the 9/25 march.
Press Contact:

Bail Out the People
9/20, 2pm: March for Jobs & Tent City
Caravans of unemployed workers to set up a tent city at the Monumental Baptist Church 9/20 - 9/25 and march to the Convention Center on 9/20, 2pm.
Press Contact: , 412-780-3813

G-∞ Radio Project
Pittsburgh Indymedia and Rustbelt Radio will provide a 24/7 live web-streaming & radio broadcast during the week of the G20 summit. A forum for the voices of the people who are affected by the G20 policies, but whose stories go largely untold. Together with Pittsburgh's Indymedia's website, the project will provide up-to-the-minute, people-based coverage of G20-related events.
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No-G, 20k Bike Tour
The 20k (12.4 miles) bike tours will ride the streets of the Steel City, stopping briefly at radically historic sites, alternative institutions. Some bikes will be available for out-of-towners.
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Pittsburgh Organizing Group
Pittsburgh Organizing Group's Tactical Training Initiative is organizing workshops throughout August and September.
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SDS Concert
9/24 - evening
Students for a Democratic Society are planning a concert featuring Anti-Flag, State Radio and Ryan Harvey.
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Senator Jim Ferlo
9/23 -?
Senator Ferlo announced plans to seek a permit for a concert/rally to be held at Point State Park - but he’s been turned down.
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United Steelworkers
9/23 -?
USW (and perhaps AFLCIO) are tentatively planning a rally and march downtown (unconfirmed).

Alliance for Climate Protection
9/23 -evening
ACP has announced they are working on a “high profile event.”

Amnesty International
AI plans to participate in some way TBD.
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