Monday, January 12, 2009

Why am I being made to hate Israel?

By: sage advice

A thing I know about myself is I don't always find the answers at the same time I have the questions. And I have questions right now, and I guess my lead off question right now is: Who wants me to hate Israel and why do they want me to hate it?.

Of course it is easy to hate Israel. The government and soldiers, or controller and brainwashed humans, depending on how you view it, are doing very bad things right now. If they were programmed from birth to be loving people, open to all races, respectful to the earth and all creatures and pursue evolution in a kind way, the majority likely would be that way. That is not their lot, they are born into a system of mind control perfected in Nazi Germany and programmed from cradle to grave to be racist disassociated soldiers.

If we have learned anything, I hope it is that we understand that as humans we can for good or ill be programmed. That means you, that means me. The majority of us still seem to have no clue about how our left brain and right brain function, alone and together. A result of that is we are left being continually programmed even as we stumble over the next piece of truth.

These people, the nazi, satanic, possessed controllers study left and right brain function in humans. They know through trial and experiment how to hypnotize us. We on the other hand, spend time gathering and dispensing pieces of truth, only to get caught in the next lie. We 'believe' in truth, but only if it leaves our particular sacred cow alone. Might be religion, music, a sport. Whatever. We only want truth when it suits us. And from what I can see, the eventual outcome of that type of thinking is Gaza.

I don't understand the way this is being presented. I went to a protest and I guess I was left feeling bad inside. I don't like saying this. I know people care and I am warmed by that. But what I saw was not a useful education for shoppers passing by, which they were trying to do, it felt and sounded more inciteful. Inciting passions of hate. They don't need to do this. Inciting hate is needed in mind control, creating hate when really there is no reason. Gazans don't need people to incite hate to protect them, or mesmerize in any kind of way. What is happening to them is real, and they are in a concentration death camp. They simply need the truth exposed and the situation dealt with. We do not need to be whipped into a frenzy. You only need that when a situation needs manipulation to occur. You don't need that with truth. I wondered at the time if it was only that way here. I have seen from watching videos of protests now it is everywhere. And I am seeing hatred towards Jews.

I watched a posting today with a clip of George Galloway at a massive London protest. I had seen him a few times and had a not good feeling about him. He seemed manipulative. He said alot of good things, but manipulatively. So today I see him, and was quite inspired to look a little deeper. Seems that to George if Muslims or Arabs or Americans are involved with funding the Janjaweed through the Sudanese government to commit genocide in Darfur, he will try to explain it away and down play it. I am seriously wondering how 400,000 people can be slaughtered and backed by both the U.S and Arab factions, and we don't seem to upset about it on myspace.Is it becuz they are Black?

Is it because Africa feels further away? Why is it? Why does Gaza matter this much and not Darfur?

Why does George Galloway play it down and say 400,000 macheteed deaths is not genocide?

I watched George at this protest with a huge screen displaying his every expression to a thundering crowd. He bellowed that they must prepare and they were to march together through various countries he called by name, the crowds pitch raised with every country called.

He concerned me. He was manipulating those people into as much of a frenzy as he could manage. We all know that scawbbles aplenty abound within the Arab world. And for a western world that frequently seems concerned about an Islamic Jihad, a non united Arab world seems the easiest defense. A united Arab world, a united anything world is a more formidable entity.

So it appears this situation is being used to unite Arabs.Why?

Why were we taught through hollywood to love and feel sorry for Jews for so long, but now everyone from Catholic heads to Jimmy Carter, another illuminist speaks out against them? Why did they shoot U.N Medic aid if not to cause us to hate them? They are deliberately making their soldiers as ugly as soldiers can be, again, WHY?

It appears the camera is being turned and on cue Israeli soldiers perform the atrocities their handlers are dictating and we on cue, collectively turn and hate them. I think that both peoples need to be freed. Jewish children should not be born into such vicious illuminati programming. If we simply love or hate as we are being programmed to do, in the direction they tell us to, then clearly we will not only fail to save the Palestinians, but in time we will share their fate.

How can truthers wake up the masses if we still think like 'sheeple'?

What is your 'Sacred cow'?

Religion? Racism? Music? Movies? Video Games? How and where are you programmed and are you willing and ready to face it? If you find out your greatest hero is a part of this, would you deny it without open minded research because that person is your sacred cow?

Do you understand the difference between your knowledge and your beliefs? Do you get the two confused?

Do you defend your beliefs as strongly as you defend your knowledge? If you do, do you really think that is logical or wise?

How were your beliefs created? How old were you when they were created?

Is what is happening in Palestine right now bothering you more than Darfur? If so, can you tell me why?