Friday, January 2, 2009

H5N1 Part of the Endless Cult Activities

H5N1 Pandemic Flu (aka Avian Influenza, Bird Flu)

H5N1 Part of the Endless Cult Activities

Dear Pamela

all of these are invented by the Devil, it is simply an array of words to stop the coming of the Lord. I never read them or acknowledge any of the bullshit they lob into the world arena, the simple facts are these demons think by telling the world and offering alternatives they can slow the inevitable, which is their death by removing their vehicles in the harvest. Those that perish will reincarnate on the other side that is the Northern hemisphere of the Milky Way.

This is why they need the internet, it affords them the opportunity to influence the west with 'clouds' of confusion, but the reality is the Kingdom will be and is being taken from them and given to the Meek their victims. This is why they are killing as many people as possible.

They know these victims are scheduled to reincarnate into the North but they also think that by eliminating them physically that they will prevent them by having the remaining numbers left alive on their side and thus prevent the inevitable.

The latest assault and panic will be the sudden bird flue virus H5N1 Pandemic Flu (aka Avian Influenza, Bird Flu) that will require vaccinations and in the vaccinations will be two of the three components required to fall victim to the pandemic therefore they must have a scare to encourage the vaccinations then the victims feel secure but are in fact set up for the kill.

They will have no 'option' but to enforce via FEMA the program then round up the objectors who refuse the vaccination to 'protect' the masses and this is the FEMA camps, the death toll expected is why they have the camps to get rid of the bodies.

Now will they succeed? This is the information battle, the gun laws, the terror laws, the war on terror from within, blame people in the country and enforce the patriot act, they have endless avenues they can enact under the coming Marshall law.

Love Brian.

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