Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Exporting America: The List - Government Doesn’t Care

Here is a list of companies we've confirmed are "Exporting America." These are U.S. companies either sending American jobs overseas, or choosing to employ cheap overseas labor, instead of American workers.


Exporting America? Government Doesn’t Care
Posted: August 18, 2008 1334 GMT

The Bureau of Economic Analysis will no longer provide details on direct foreign investment in the U.S. The BEA used to distinguish between companies simply adding capactiy in the United States and those buying U.S. assets outright and shipping them overseas. But now the BEA says that’s just too arduous and too expensive of a task. Why should the U.S. labor department care if a transaction involves adding jobs in this country or a wholesale selling out of U.S. workers? The real story is that the Bush administration (and the Clinton administration before) don’t want Americans to know what their economic policies are doing to ordinary Americans.