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"Stop the Shot" Litigation Filed Today in DC Court!

"Stop the Shot" Litigation Filed Today in DC Court!

From: Mary Jane Moore-Wright (80358988)

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October 9, 2009

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"Liberty is to the collective body what health is to every individual body. Without health no pleasure can be tasted by man; without liberty, no happiness can be enjoyed by society."
---Thomas Jefferson

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"Stop the Shot"
Litigation Filed Today in DC Court!

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The Foundation's Court complaint alleges that the government failed to follow its own rules and applicable legislation in rushing the vaccine approvals in the absence of any of the requisite minimum scientifically sound and appropriate testing for both safety and effectiveness as required by law since 1964.

Despite the FDA's intention to begin delivery this week of what they describe as the novel "Swine Flu" 2009-H1N1-A live virus nasal mist vaccine to 90,000 government-approved locations nationwide, six New Yorkers, including Natural Solutions Foundation's Medical Director, Rima E. Laibow, MD, and several NonGovernmental Organizations (NGOs) filed for an Emergency Injunction in the US District Court for the District of Columbia to prevent the distribution of what they believe are illegal, unnecessary and dangerous vaccines.

The case of Null et al. v FDA et al. [Docket No. expected Friday, October 9, 2009] challenges the legality of the September 15th, 2009 licensing of four vaccines prior to any safety testing for what the government calls a "novel flu virus with pandemic potential." Although the government states that none of the vaccines contain adjuvants, that is manifestly untrue since the injected vaccines contain aluminum, a toxic adjuvant, and Novartis told the Natural Solutions Foundation on that same day that their approved vaccine contains MF59, their proprietary squalen adjuvant. The purpose of an adjuvant is to irritate the immune system into greater production of antibodies than it would otherwise create in response to a smaller antigen dose. Antigens are the most costly part of a vaccine to manufacture. Therefore, despite the enormous dangers, vaccine manufacturers are eager to use adjuvants.

Adjuvants like squalene (also known as MF59, ASO 1, 2, 3 and 4) are highly toxic unapproved drugs in the US. The Novartis (approved) Swine Flu and GSK (awaiting approval) vaccines contain 1 million times more oil in water adjuvant (read, "squalene") than the devastatingly dangerous Vaccine A which caused the profound illness and death of so many previously healthy service men and women.

Why so much squalene? Read on.
A pair of patents filed in 1998 provide a means of turning the immune system of anyone receiving an injection of squalene at high doses plus a pig glycoprotein (very similar to the many biologically active human glycoproteins we all have) against the reproductive capacity of that person. That means that all of the children and pregnant women who are the first guinea pigs for these vaccines around the world could be rendered permanantly and irreversibly infertile through these shots.

Perhaps this helps to explain the mystery of why the US government would invest almost half a billion dollars ($485M) to stock pile a dangerous, untested and unapproved injectable version of squalene. The rest of the mystery, of course, is solved when20you recall that the FDA has said on its site that the squalene will be added to ("admixed") with the vaccines administered at the 90,000 sites to which they will be sent for injection.

Natural Solutions Foundation Seeks Delay in Vaccine Use Until Legally Required Safety Testing Has Been Completed
Although safety testing of all vaccines is inadequate, as shown by the high levels of side effects, adverse events and damage caused by vaccines, especi ally influenza vaccines [and most especially, live attenuated influenza virus or LAIV vaccines], even that safety testing has been eliminated by the FDA. The government says that the H1N1 virus is so novel that they classify it as a bioweapon.

Yet they say that there is no need to test the vaccines, adjuvanted, LAIV or not, because their manufacture was accomplished by the same means that other influenza vaccines are made.

While this would not mean the vaccines should not be tested, the manufacturers themselves give the lie to this rationalization for imperalling all of us: Novartis and Baxter claims that their approved vaccine is, in fact, manufactured in a novel manner.
It is so novel, in fact, that we have previously written about the dangers of vaccines cultured in monkey kidney cells which are infected with, among other stealth viruses, SMV40, a known cause of leukemia and other soft tissue cancers responsible for the leukemia epidemic which has impacted so many recipients of the polio vaccines.

There is no assurance whatsoever that this danger, and others similar to it, has been eliminated from these vaccines.

Yet FDA races to approve them before their dangers CAN be do cumented in order to protect the manufacturers - and itslef! - from loosing their protection from all litigation and liability UNLESS they act in willful negligence.

Any court in the land would find that if they completed the safety tests, saw the dangers of the vaccines and continued to use them, they would be acting in willful negilgence and then all sorts of fiscal hell would break loose. So it is imperative that they reap their astonishing financial windfalls and sow their deadly whirlwinds BEFORE any safety testing is completed.

Nasal spray vaccines, which are LAIV vaccines, according to their manufacturer, Medimmune, while not adjuvanted, work by producing the very illness they are supposedly designed to prevent (it's not a case of the flu since it was not "acquired in the community", but it has the identical symptoms. Of course, we say, "If it coughs like a Swine, Flies like a Swine, has muscle aches like a Swine, it must be the Swine that Flu", rig ht?)

That means, of course, that the government, in collusion with WHO and the depopulationists, have every intention of unleasing a pandemic. Once the virus is well established, it is free to reassort, mutate, recombine and undergo changes that could turn it from a trivial infection which requires, despite all the hype, no treatment and is actually milder than the regular seasonal flu, into something truly fearsome. At that point, if it happens, several things will happen: First, we believe that mandatory vaccination, now permitted under emergency powers at the State and Federal levels, will be invoked, with vaccine refusal criminalized and punished by misdemenor or felony status, fines and incarceration/involuntary quarantine.

Second, vaccine refusers who do not allow their children to be vaccinated will either see them forcibly vaccinated against their wishes or removed from their homes. Intrusion teams are already funded by the Federal Government and many States are following suit. FEMA announced a few months back that they had set up special camps to meet the special needs of children.

Third, if people try to protect themselves and their children using physical means to stop the intrustion teams, vaccinations, loss of rights and personal autonomy and indignity of being forced to undergo dangerous proceedures which violate their beliefs and wishes, the spectre of Marshal Law will suddenly become very, very real.

Therefore, our best protection is urgent, vigorous action now, not tomorrow.

Our government has, in fact, turned against both our rights and our bodies. In fact, it has turned against our very survival. We still have legal actions available to us and there are, astonishingly, still some judges lo yal to the Constitution they have sworn to uphold. There are also some military people loyal to the same document and their loyalty is a factor which may yet save us all, IF the foreign troops quartered on US soil (also forbidden by the Constitution) are not brought to bear upon us in tyrannical ways.

After you read the Complaint and the Brief and some documentation on the dangers of Squalene and similar adjuvants, it's time to talk about what you can - what we believe we all must - do before the last second of the last minute of the now-past 11th hour has vanished and, with it, our ability to own and control the fate of our own bodies.

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