Friday, October 16, 2009

Fresno - Please Help Marla!

From: Marla (403660013)
Date: 10/16/2009 6:50:56 PM
Subject: More BULLSHIT!


With a hacked computer, my emails and online reports are CONSTANTLY intercepted. I am now receiving off-the-wall responses from Jim Costa's office, Sen. Feinstein's office, Sen. Boxer's office - they claim to be responding to my letters pertaining to everything under the sun, EXCEPT WHAT I REPORTED! Secret altering of the valley's water system as described on my page. Click: Marla

Never-ending monitoring, sabotaging, discrediting, stalking not to mention DEATH THREATS for exposing this operation. I cannot get beyond these people to get this information into the right hands / agency.

Please, I am asking for your help. I am PLEADING for your help. Forward the link or
to various city, state, federal agencies. Which ones? If I provide email addresses, I can 99% guarantee that the information will not get through. So please, if you decide to help with this, do NOT inform me who / where you forwarded the information. Just please, get the information through.

This pertains to CA's water supply, which affects all of us. Please help.