Monday, October 12, 2009

Nostradamus lost books

By Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall

Nostradamus was warned by the stars his life was in danger, he passed on to his son information that would be revealed in the end time via pictures that say 1000 words.

Nostradamus Code reincarnation birth date the same as the crossing of the Milky Way Galaxy 2012

Nostradamus lost book Michellenye Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall 2012

The coming of the Lord will be seen in the Zodiac world wide as the world of the Lord fills the minds with fear and terror, the terrible day of the Lord December 21st 2012

blessedRthemeek (1 year ago)
Geograghically, it was in what is modern-day northern Iraq- along the Tigris river.
As I have already said, it was located in Assyria, which was a district of the larger Empire- Babylon.

I? hope that helps, GOD BLESS.

blessedRthemeek (1 year ago)
Nineveh is a city of Assyria.
It was a brutal empire that waged many wars.
It became the capital of the Assyrian empire.
It seems? its wars were its main source of wealth.
The city was founded by Nimrod who apposed GOD- it is believed that their principal deity was Ishtar, the goddess of love and war.

ballpark4 (1 year ago)
Hello this whole video I myself came up with the same conclusions not? as well spoken but pretty much the same... Where is Nineveh?

MichelleNye (1 year ago)
Northern Iraq, 36:21'.35" North x 43:16'48" East
on the Tigris River that ran down to joint the Euphrates 420 miles south east. It is 255 miles to Babylon and beside Bable 45 miles to the south west.

This was the area? of the Israelite captivity when in 722 BC the ten northern tribes were scattered to Europe and became the European ten nations. and this left Judah in Benjamin territory in Jerusalem and this is why the Idumean half breed Jews set upon Jesus who is Israel. Peace

blessedRthemeek (1 year ago)
On the American One-hundred-dollar bill
there is the face of Benjamin Franklin.
On the back there is a picture of
Independence Hall. In the clock tower the time is 2:22. If we go to the bible book of Numbers- chapter 2, verse 22, we find a reference to the Tribe of Benjamin.
The lies, tricks, and deceptions of? the false
jews sicken me.
Your latest videos never come fast enough-
keep them coming!
My worries are lifting!

MichelleNye (1 year ago)
Yes they are beyond evil.
The 222 is the number of verse with the word truth and the same for wisdom. My official body weight is 222 pounds,? and at 74 inches tall x 3 = 222. They key of David is Isaiah 22:22
Benjamin is the youngest son of Joseph, it is also the area where the tribe remained after the expulsion of the ten tribes in 722 BC. Jerusalem is in Benjamin.

Peace and Love Brian

MichelleNye (1 year ago)
Correct, I way 222 pounds at 74 inches tall, 3 x 74, = 222. The word Truth is found in the? bible 222 times, the word Wisdom is the same 222 verses.

The problem with Jews, they are not Jews at all, Judah is a tribe the royal tribe, they moved to the British Isles at the time of the Exodus and later returned to Jerusalem in small numbers until 722 BC the ten tribes were scattered to Europe. Most Jews are descended from the Khazar the Turkish Gentiles, but money talks and so it is they do

blessedRthemeek (1 year ago)
There are many prophetic wonders to be learned
about the British Isles.
I have discoverd a few in my life, or should I say,? they have become known to me.
I very-much hope that you share your knowledge of these soon- I believe that their
role in history is GREAT.

Thank you for your channel- I've needed this since I was a young man- to know others have seen the world the way I have.

We have all needed you, even those who do not know it yet themselves.

MichelleNye (1 year ago)
Thank you Genaro,? Its been a long drawn out process to finally have the tools to counter the attack on the world, indeed we will overcome and bring Paradise to the world.Peace and Love Brian.

Nostradamus the Truth The End. The entire thrust of my videos is to overwhelm the earth with confirmable facts and defeat the Devil in man

Quantum mind Creation controlled by parasitic mind control Khazar Jews of your soul Mother God