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There were various entities behind the assassination of JFK, the Free Masons, illuminatis, under the direction of the Vatican's Jesuit Order. there are many tentacles of the Evil Empire directed by Lucifer (Prince Charles), Satan (George H. W. Bush), and the Devil(George W. Bush), the Vatican is the Synagogue of Satan plus the Talmudic Jews from the Ashkenazi//Khazarian Empire of the fallen angels..

This Beast System created and controls the organized religions, Jesus came to teach us the WAY, how to live our lives according to his commandments, not the Noahide Laws of the Talmudic Jews. The Bible has been added to and deleted from by the scholars of the Vatican,starting with Pope Constantine, who was a Roman Emperor, the Talmudic Jews, the Free Masons with the 1611 Translation of the KJV of the Bible, the Free Mason responsible for the corruption, was Sir Francis Bacon, a Free Mason, who in this lifetime is the reincarnation of Saint Germaine, mentioned on the New Age site "Temple of the Presence".

Also the Da Vince Code is a deception of the Merovingian Kings, the reality is that Christ Jesus was married to Martha Magdalene, who he had twin boys with named Joshua and James. These were the seeds of the Holy Grail. This was done to re-seed the earth with Christ seeded progeny in the world, there are billions of us in the World. The original Knights Templar never protected the Holy Grail, they were Talmudic Jews, who were also bankers, who studied the Evil Kaballah.

Jesus was also engaged to Mary Magdalene, but never had children with her. He loved Martha Magdalene, his beloved disciple, it was only because they were the only surviviors, the daughters of King Zedekiah, that he was involved with them, for they too were Davidic lineage. Jesus Christ/YHWH is here on Earth, his name in this reincarnation is Brian (Tree) Leonard (Lion) Golightly (Tribe of Judah) Marshall (Key of David).

The last name Marshall is mentioned in the original old Stong's Concordance of the Bible, many of the Amish, Quakers, Mormons, some Lutherans, and Baptists know that indeed Brian is our returning Christ Jesus/YHWH. His heavenly reflection is Saint Michael the Archangel. He is back as the Judge, and is doing all the Revelations.

People have gotten confused because of the intentional corruption to the Bible, by the fallen angels. The Book of Revelations is the only book which says that the wrath of God will be upon you if it is altered. The total books of the Bible that have not been contaminated are Job, Daniel, Hosea, Ezekiel, Isaiah, and Revelations, but let me remind you that even in Isaiah there is a contamination by the Talmudic Jews when it refers to burnt offerings/sacrifices.

YHWH never told Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac, and Moses never led the Israelites to the promised land, one of the last actions he did on Earth, was to beat a man to death with sticks, because the man would not recognize the Moses declared day of the week for the Sabbath, Jesus is the Sabbath, your daily walk in your faith how you live you life as Jesus did, according to his (YHWH's) commandments.

You are to love your self, love others, be @ peace, do acts of kindness, display love, and compassion for all of his creation. Holy Communion should not be done, as this represents human sacrifice @ the High Mass of the Vatican. Baptism is by total immersion in water. Our bodies are the Temple, not the buildings, the Kingdom is within, we through prayers and our dreams connect to our Lord God, and the Heavenly realm.

The Pineal Gland is how we are able to do that, our soul is in our blood, and our Holy Spirits or Christ Armor is our Life Force, displayed by our auras. Stop using fluoridated toothpaste and drinking water, for this can encrustate your Pineal Gland, do not take cellphone calls with the display of 000-0000 or unknown caller, these calls are initiated by NSA, the calls when taken are a frequency which sounds like the "Devil's Whisper", and leave a pain in your ear, and lower middle forehead, NSA is trying to burn out your Pineal Gland.

The name Golightly is the Tribe of Judah, the last Davidic Tribe of Judah heir to the throne of England was Henry Golightly, who was beheaded by the current German False Monarchy of the Mountbatten's, Henry Golightly, also Charles the first, the son of King James was beheaded in the mid to latter 1600's. Princess Dianna was Tribe of Judah, that is why Prince Charles married her in an attempt to purify his bloodline with the Christ bloodline. He had MI 6 murder her in the car accident.

Also understand that the Vatican heads the World Council of Churches, the National Council of Churches, the various Beast systems in government and entities within the governments., the Protestant churches have been deceived by Free Masonry, and the Catholic Churches by the Jesuit order. Look @ under "Mind Control" then the subsection "illuminatis Mind Control", plus the section written by Pamela Schuffert on the Satanists, in our country, who do human sacrifices.

When Jesus washed the feet of his disciples/followers which included women and men who were Teachers of the WAY, plus healers. He was demonstrating that we are to be of service to others. The Magdalenes were supposed to continue leading the Church/body of Christ, after he was ascended, but the Demon Paul (who was born 15 years after Christ's Crucifixion) and the Vatican prevented that from happening. I hope you understand more then before.

The states need to secede from the Demonic hub of Washington D.C., as do the Provinces of Canada, to pull the Beast System down. So far a total of 30 states have either seceded or are preparing to. Listen to on line radio @
Look on You Tube: Fema Prison Camps, Martial Law, RFID device, HAARP, Elf Towers, Free Energy, Nicolai Tesla, and Chemtrails. Wake up your congregations and others, for the angels will spare you in the Tribulation if you change and wake up. The United States is Sodom and Gomorrah, we need to stop the wars, the oppression, change our way of practicing our faith, care for each other, and stop the infanticide.

The Talmudic Jews control the Media, to suppress the truth and deceive. Organized religions of today are BAAL or Snake worship if they have altars, burnt offerings,, sacrifices, rituals, tithings, symbology, idolatry, they are not following the WAY of Jesus/Yahweh.

The State of Israel are not the chosen people, there are Orthodox Jews, as are some of the Palestinians in the country that are some of the the Tribes of Israel, plus the remainder of the Tribes of Isarel are scattered throughout the World, The Tribes of Israel originated in the British Isles, then France then to the rest of the World. Jesus also doesn't want us to contaminate our bodies with smoking, drugs, or drinking alcohol, that is not the WAY, and it is damaging to our Temples, our bodies.

Those who recognize Christ/YHWH will be spared in the Tribulation, we need to wake the people up, and destiny can be changed. The mortal sin is human sacrifice, and ingestion of blood/flesh of a human being. Blood transfusions are okay, but no ingestion of blood.

Other sites of information are:,; "Barbara Bush and Aleistar Crowley"; "George Bush is the Antichrist" from the book entitled "Is George Bush the Antichrist?" by R. Stephan Hanchett, also another parody is the movie available on DVD @ Family Video and can be viewed on line if you type it in as a search, is the movie entitled "The Death of a President" (which stars George W. Bush, being assassinated,, the mortal wound that the 3rd Antichrist survives).

Other You Tube videos of interest are: "The Antiterrorist" video series look @ "The Corporation"; ""Think Free: Bursting Bubbles"; "illuminatis'; Skull & bones:, Bilderbergs; CFR; Trilateral Commision; Free Masons"; Chomotsky Assasins; and there are many more on both Jesus/YHWH"s and my sites. Internet: (lokk @ the sites but especially "Mind Control" then the "illuminatis Mind Control", also the section by Pamela Schuffert on the Satanists); crooks and liars;;; apfn-apfnbcolony (how we never won the American Revolution, that we are under the rule of the False Monarchy from Great Britain). Also on You Tube you can look @ various videos on the JFK assasination, and the conspiracy, look @ "The Zaprude Films", E. Howard Hunt's deathbed confession of what happened, and the mistress of LBJ Madeline Brown, who tells the truth about LBJ's involvement in the plot to assasinate JFK. Also there are videos on the murder of JFK jr.
There are no coincidences regarding the tragic deaths, of many famous and ordinary people. Many small plane and commercial airline crashes are the result of the Satanists killing off certain individuals who are on those planes ie. Paul Wellstone from Minnesota, who was a U.S. Congressman or Senator, Lockerbee Scotland Flight, and more. Oklahoma City Bombing was orchestrated by the Clintons, and the Zionists, and I can certainly share the enitire story with you, plus the Waco Texas massacre.

Have you looked @ YHWH's information? peacenowwhitedove@myspace site, and by the same name on You Tube, to spread the TRUTH, to gather the Lost Tribes of Israel, gather the 144,000 Saints, and help cure the people and get cured from AIDS, CANCER, and the rest of the diseases. We must all return to the True Faith, and help others, especially the meek and poor.

Peace and Love, Pamela Johnson (Reincarnation of Mary Ruth, Teacher of the WAY, Tribe of Judah, sister to Jesus)