Friday, March 6, 2009

Brian Marshall Lies - Jacob loves Coca Cola

Brian Marshall drinks Cola Cola all the times. What a Fraud. Where's your proof you cured anyone? You don't have any real proof.

Steven Marshall ABC Television Reporter Phone Number is New Guinea Moblie 675-683-0432 or ABC Office 675-5321-2666 Ask the Low Life Why He Did Not Call Back Janelle and Why He is Part of the AIDS Genocide, Why He Refuses to Talk to CURED Patients or Like Jacob Who is Permanently Damaged By the Health System and Why ANGLICARE Allows He and His Family to Starve?

Jacob is the victim of medical incompetence, he is 24 years of age, we were able to cure his sister who was diagnosed with TB as well as having the symptoms of the latest AIDS virus, paralysed she has now recovered. The family had no food or an income, we had little money but enough to feed the family for a few weeks. Think of Jacob next time you enjoy the world most popular drink.