Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Can you Say Martial Law - ♥ marilyn ♥

By: ♥ marilyn ♥ Μολών Λaβ…
Feb 21, 2009

Let’s track the timeline. A wanna be Caligula who is also a natural born coward runs for the office of president on the corporate dime and the election is stolen and the highest court in the land is compromised by five vultures sitting on a dead branch of government overlooking a wasteland of material excess.

Dual national neo-cons who forged a manifesto for treason flowed into the critical areas of power and went to work on the centerpiece of their intent, that being the 9/11 attack whose purpose was to turn world opinion against the Muslim world. This tight lock-step of deluded Christians and Zionist Jews, in concert with leaders in the banking, corporate and media worlds laid claim to the souls of nearly every member of the Senate and House of Representatives.

The constant drumbeat of terror over a dead Saudi boogeyman kept the hoi polloi in an endless state of acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome. After the second presidential election was stolen, the terror alerts went away. It was on to changes in The Constitution and the Bill of Rights; the removal of Posse Comitatus and Habeas Corpus. Prior to this Homeland Security snuck into town in the dead of the night and stuck its 700+ pages up the ass of the American people and then set it on fire.

A new fashion house was opened called Vitorrio Blackwaters and soon there were legions of black suited robo-cops with scanner rings and vomit spray along with designer clubs to beat the crowds away. All through the festivities, Dick Cheney and Antonin Scalia gave each other reach-arounds in a duck blind during an orgy of celebration for the rising of the Fifth Reich; rat packs of Zio-Nazis wormed into every area of American life and ate the foundations of the culture, the infrastructure and economy.

Slowly they goose-stepped across the years to the tune of ♫ rape and pillage, rape and pillage, let’s go out and burn a native village ♫. They launched wars based on fabricated intel and murdered and destroyed with impunity. On they marched to the last year of the years in which they had set in place all that was necessary to suspend everything that had held the empire in place and then a select group of bankers and their associates in various countries stole everything that wasn’t nailed down and then sent out for crowbars to get the rest. All was in readiness.

The First BCT Army Brigade was relocated to American soil. A presidential election was taking place as the stock market crashed and millions were being evicted from their homes. Everything that looked like what it was when it started turned into exactly what it looked like it was going to be. ♫ And they said it couldn’t happen here. ♫ Who’s your daddy? Ask Ozzy Osborne. He can tell you.

Meanwhile, the American public flocked to the call to arms against each other. The incipient racism and violent nationalism that always percolates beneath the surface broke out in festering boils and the movers and the shakers and the media poured rock salt into the open sores. Non-violent protest groups were legally designated as terrorists because all the laws that would have protected them from this were dressed in orange jumpsuits and imprisoned behind chain link fences woven out of obliging lawyers.

Okay… let’s move along into a little Game-Boy theory. What are the possibilities? Everything that happened was necessary to protect the American people from threats external and internal? I think that’s a big solid, “No!” Everything that happened was just a series of random accidents that seems to happen every now and then and no one knows why and we’ll just have to make the best of it? It’s safe to say that that is another rousing, “No!” This has all happened because Jesus is coming soon and may well be in the duck blind according to Dick and Antonin? I’m going to go with, “No!” one more time. How about… how about… this was all engineered by a group of psychopaths whose intention is to decimate certain portions of the Earth and enslave the remaining survivors? Well… you look at everything that’s been done along the way and where we are now and you tell me. Remember, Bin Laden’s been dead a long time and there never was an Al Qaeda.

It might clear things up a little to look at those firms on Wall Street and those banks around the world that have not been affected by the present crisis. Surely there are those who are weathering the storm and even prospering. Wouldn’t you think it a little strange that we get no mention of them? I haven’t heard the name of David Rockefeller’s Chase Manhattan yet. Well, that may not mean anything. What about the Rothschild banks? How are they doing? The trick is to look at who’s not in trouble to see who’s causing the trouble.

The economic crisis of today was engineered in this manner. Some number of groups and individuals baited a hook with the promise of a boatload of fish. They threw in their reels with everyone else. They put bunting over the lake and brought in brass bands, teenage hookers; girls for the Democrats and boys for the Republicans and the booze and other comestibles flowed from an endless tap. Then, when everyone they invited to the party was ‘all in’, drunk and hunting through their pockets for more Viagra they… they cashed out. It was a sucker play orchestrated by sucker-fish, by lampreys, by vampires.

Any day now something is going to happen. They’re fine tuning it right now. Will it happen abroad? Will it happen at home? Will it happen in a city? Will it happen in the countryside? It’s safe to say that even if it does happen abroad it will also happen at home as well. It’s safe to say that it’s got to be really big. It’s got to be big enough to get all the Schmoos in agreement that anyone who isn’t in agreement should be hunted down and killed or locked up forever. It’s safe to say that the same people who did 9/11; The CIA and Israeli Mossad, along with sympathetic hands at various levels in various places will be the instigators and that the blame will be directed at whoever they don’t like and that is most likely Iran and indirectly whoever may be supporting Iran.

I wouldn’t know what to tell you, if someone should ask me, “What should we do?” The things you should have done were the requirements of a time now past. Oh… there is definitely a joker in the deck or maybe two so… no one knows how it’s going to play out. I’m just waiting and watching like the small collection of others who don’t have their heads stuck in ‘a place where the sun don’t shine’. "Now… that’s an intoxicating scent. Is that Chanel? I’d swear that was Chanel.”

It’s a possibility that the thing is going to crash down around the ears of the ones who pulled the linchpins out. It’s a possibility that this is all part of the movie that you had better hope WAS NOT made in Hollywood. It’s possible that they go right on to the planned fait accompli and all the good little proles get to drop even further down the ladder of awareness and well-being. I’m confident of the outcome but my interests and expectations are somewhat different than the main.

It may be you get to stick around and watch the season premier of “America’s got Herpes!” It might just limp on the way it has from excess to excess from darkness into darkness. No matter what anyone fears or anticipates it isn’t going to turn out quite the way anyone expects. We’re soon to find out what you value and believe in and to what extent. Armageddon and all of the other nametags for cosmic rock and roll do not actually require religious overtones to occur. Sometimes shit happens because shit happens. So far it hasn’t affected AIG or Barclays bank holidays.

In so many ways it is so classic that you just have to imagine there’s a director involved. It’s so Shakespearean. It’s as if enough people had the script inside their heads that it had to play out the way it does. Whether the truck that hits you is powered by a conscious force or a random series of numbers doesn’t make any difference on impact.