Friday, October 24, 2008

To the Free Minded Patriots

From: McGregor
Date: Oct 24, 2008 6:34 AM

hya everyone...I want to be heard so regardless of your faith or lack of faith please respect the words of someone who is also longing for freedom and truth to return. Longing with the same fervour that any 911 truthers might possess.

a few bulletins ago i spoke about the coming battle to be one of souls and we in the truth movement seem to be fractured. We have truth supporters backing obama...we have truth supporters backing ron paul. We see people blindly...yep blindly dickering about with one another over who can be trusted...who can be the one to lead America and consequently the world from ultimate and probable catastrophe. Some people despite their otherwise intelligent sounding posts regard democrats as a possible saving force...Can you all say after me Republicrat? Think about it because one is the same as the other and all are controlled-but not by you and never by you.

I am not a defeatist. I don't believe in quitting but i do believe in recognising when a situation may be beyond repair and since the last battle is for who we are...our very souls i don't plan on letting them have it.

The new world order and illuminati are satanists. They are all high level occult worshippers. It astounds me sometimes to read disparaging and cruel comments from other truth supporters when a Christian attempts to explain their point of view. The political factions are so convinced that mere men can stand up to this abomination. They believe in politicians...they believe in systems. what they cannot see and what i wasn't able to see is that, like everything else, change-even positive change would eventually corrupt.

Why is it so hard, when every last one of us knows about Bohemian Grove and mock sacrifices to molech? Why do we roll our eyes at christians and then breathlessly repost video after video of world leaders prancing about in red priest sheets? why do we scorn the Christian and then gleefully point at pictures of Bush, Clintons, the Royal all making the horn sign?Some of you truth supporters are pretty dense at times.

Our enemy prays and worships a personality or a demonality if you prefer that is our mortal adversary. A being that delights in the anguish pain and suffering of humanity. The people in control believe in this miserable foul thing. They pray to it and it gives them their worldly power.

2,000 years ago it was defeated and it will be again.

They believe in Lucifer and they are our enemies and the enemy of Jesus Christ....Perhaps it is time for us to welcome a new ally to the battle against the new world illuminati and it's satanic masters?

McGregor 11:20am Friday Oct 24 2008

Lisa's Comment:
Very Truthful... Words From the Heart.
I am Proud to be Your Friend. ...
It is Too Late to Save the World as We Know it.
But it is Okay... Because Soon is to Come, what has been Promised.
Paradise and Peace on Earth for those that seek the Truth and Believe,
Love has Everything to do with it.