Monday, October 27, 2008

I Want to Know Why?

You people think that Your Vote counts for anything...
when its the Electorial Votes that makes a Man a President.

Why is Monsanto (a chemical company) involed with the food business? Because the rulers of the world are Satanist. and Satan want to KILL mANKIND!
Period... end of Story!

The FDA and the Big Pharma are run by the Rulers of this world. Who are Satanist. If they can't make Money off of Us, then They want Us DEAD! they don't care about You and Me and Our Babies! And Who They don't End up Killing (Legally i might add), They are Very busy Working with Monsanto and other such Companies, to Change Our DNA, trying to eventually turn us into Drone Slave Workers, to do Their bidding in Satan's New World Order.

Because remember .... SATAN HATES MANKIND. He Hates Us All. and ANYONE who Can Not See these Simple Facts ... are Blind Sheep Fools!