Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I am distressed. I read all friend bulletins

By My Friend, McGregor

I am distressed. I read all friend bulletins

if you post a bulletin i will read it.

I read because I count on my awake friends to post news that I have not yet discovered.
I usually comment on things that move me or cause me to cry in my soul.
Often I copy and paste your bulletins into emails and send them on to others
I only have 34 people on my friend list and most of those people are awake enough
and probably know.
There is a coming election in the United States and today there is one in Canada.

So many of the bulletins i read are republican bashing and democrat praising. This trend even exists in people who one would think would know the real facts of the new world order and their goals. If you are still not getting the picture then let me try and explain it to you as succinctly as possible.

Are you ready?

Obama is the same as Bush. Obama is the same as McCain. The Clintons won't continue their political force federally but...in case you don't know it...are you ready?

The Clintons are as bad as Bush...the Clintons are as bad as McCain.It should not fall into a choice of voting for the lesser evil...Evil is evil...Don't vote at all if these are the choices you are faced with.

Go knock on your neighbours doors and tell them the truth.God does exist...The NWO don't want you to believe in Jesus Christ and through their affiliates send out crap videos and movies like Zeitgeist which incidentally have been debunked.

The NWO are Satanists and you don't believe in Christ??? WTF is that all about? Why would you not believe in the Son of God when your enemies clearly choose His adversary?

If you scrape below the crap about oil, power and greed what you will find is that this is a battle for your soul.
Yes you can laugh at me if you like but this is exactly what the agenda is all about.

The NWO pay lip service to our God in order to dupe you all into thinking that God is a conservative republican. God is not.
There are no such things as right winged Christians...there are however, right winged Satanists who pretend and use words like "Blessed".

The peace sign is an illuminati creation-the upside down cross.
Quit using it- God does love you.

He is a living God and not so far fetched if you think alien greys are hiding in the White House.The evil feeds off our fear and if we have nothing to bolster our resolve...if we have no faith then we ourselves feed these miserable creatures with our fear.

Have faith and you will see that the fear falls off.
Obama is as bad as Bush...as bad as Satan.
They all are for that is who they all worship.
They are collectively the enemy of all human beings.
If they believe in the demonic darkness then it seems clear to me
that they know God is real enough that they boldly and foolishly choose the Adversary.

Well Said My Dear Friend! and Thank You ...
for just Being You and Shining for God and His Glory!

Yah'shua Bless You McGregor!

P.S. I am Gonna Post this
on My Blog and anywhere else i can share it!

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