Saturday, January 15, 2011

Yahweh's scouging scars

brianisyahweh2 | January 12, 2011

This was taken on Christmas day in Fiji, he had been in the sun and then the white round scars that cover his back were highlighted and I was shocked when I saw it, so I picked up the camera so that he could see how his injuries sustained in 33 AD had been imprinted on the soul of the Father as he rose from the dead, today is the Holy Ghost worn over the royal lineage of King David Isaiah 9:6 and 11:1. At the same moment we shot this video the floods began in Queensland Australia and has not abated spreading over 1 million square kilometres to the northern area of New South Wales. This is unlike the Earth Quake that destroyed Christchurch New Zealand where there was no deaths. The floods are all to do with HAARP and Pine Gap that have been vibrating the continent for 30 years and now the subterranean chambers are pushing upwards as the continent slowly sinks.