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Message from The BS Brian Marshall

YahwehNow3168 January 14, 2011

Message from The Loving Creator Yahweh

Message from Yahweh to post far and wide:

I AM Yahweh, the returned Lord Jesus Christ and my name of the Revelation 19;12 is Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall.

I was reborn to the earth on January 11th 1944 at 2;22am in Sydney Australia.

I am the Key to the House of David Isaiah 22:22.

The Altar to the Lord in the midst of Eygpt Isaiah 19:19,20 is the Great Pyramid which is the bible in stone built by the descendants of Noah which means knowledge. It is a mathematical wonder of measurement and genius that only the mind of God could think up in the first place and only the mind of God can work out and reveal when He is here in the flesh amongst men as Emmanuel.

I am the same today as I was at the time of the cross. I was Jah, the Father in the younger body of Jesus at that time. Cut off so that I could reincarnate into this time of the end, now and lead mankind into Paradise out of the hell that Lucifer through men has created.

The Trinity is My soul as the Creator in 3 dispensations of time that is why I told my disciples before the cross if you have seen me you have seen the Father, the Father and I are one. The same soul back at this time of the end as Jah, the Father for the judgement of mankind.

If you have been taught and bought by anyone of the 34,000 Christian churches spewing their ignorance and arrogance while defending their precious bible that was put together by Lucifer, then you have been deceived and must come to the knowledge of the Truth, that I AM who I prove that I AM and you are my offspring and you are either awakened to Life through casting off the slumber of your ignorance, or you will remain one of the walking dead in the grave of your body and will die again to face the second death.

I gave instructions in the Revelation through the Archangel Michael to John on the Isle of Patmos in the year 96AD on the 96th day which was the anniversary of the resurrection, those instructions were that I will come as a thief and to come out of the Whore which is the church of Rome and all of its 34,000 offspring, the Christian denominations.

Not one Church has got it right, they have been devoured by the Lucifer KJV 1611 bible that was put together by Freemasons to ensnare mankind into worshipping their god Lucifer with the mask of Jesus hung on it. They have removed Jah from the New Testament and in doing so have trapped you in a deception so bizarre that I have great difficulty in comprehending it since their teachings lack logic or intelligence and the mystery to me is that mankind has bought it.

My mind is sheer logical thought, not airy fairy bullshit. I prove all things through measuring My Creation and converting the numbers of My measuring into the English language using the Strong's 1830 dictionary concordance of the KJV 1611 Hebrew Old testament and Greek New Testament words.

If you want to begin thinking like God, then you must bring your mind firmly back down to the ground and out of the heavenly realm of Lucifer bullshit.

To give you examples of how My mind, the mind of the Creator works:

In the year 96AD, 63 years after the resurrection on April 6th Australian time, the earth at 6pm reached a speed of 66,666.6 miles per hour. On the same date in 1943 when My mother conceived Me, the earth was doing the same speed. The earth orbit around the Milky Way Galaxy is 66,666.6666 light years across and requires 250 million years for one orbit.
On Julian day 666666.6666 at 6am the base of the Great Pyramid was laid out, which is the 27th March in the year 2888BC in the Gregorian calendar.

The number of verses in which the word Lord is found in the KJV 1611 bible is 6666.

This demonstrates to the intelligent mind my intention as God in the end time to point directly to the Babylonian numbering system which is based on 6 and Freemasonry based on Solomon who received 666 talents of gold per year from his 300 wives and 700 concubines which is identified by the espousals of Solomon who married the Moabite and Ammonite of Sodom.

The Pyramid base is laid out to reveal Solomon by the mathematical formula 36524.24 -- 286.1 = 36238.14 which is the word word espousals 2861 and espousals 3623 in the Strong's concordance. Solomon 3;11 and Jeremiah 2;2.

When the base of the Pyramid was laid out on Julian day 666666.666 it created a mathematical prophecy of Creation being fulfilled in today's mathematical measurements of space time which proves My Creation and Me Who is revealing it to you.

If you can grasp a little of what I am saying to you in the above, then there is hope for your salvation, if you reject what I am revealing to you, then you are doomed to death.

You must lay aside your learning from the churches and the words of the bible since what is holy about the bible are the numbers of the chapters and verses placed where they are by men who were inspired hundreds of years ago to do what they did for Me to work out when I returned.

I reveal all things to a deceived mankind through numbers since 2+2 will always be 4 no matter what language you speak and cannot be perverted.

It is time for you to humble yourself, recognize that you have been deceived and then learn the Truth that will set you free from religion and Lucifers control of your mind and body.

Then when you are free you can go back and tell your part of the world.

Pray in the name of Yahweh, the angels are on auto pilot to bring about the judgement and listen for My name, the ancient name of the Creator, the name that the Jews refuse to speak because it is the resonates the highest above all names in the Universe.

The Godhead is the Father Jah and the Mother of all Living Asherah, the knowledge of which has been removed from the bible and the psyche of the Christian western world. All souls are female and come from the Mother and is why mankind is called the Wife of Christ. Asherah is the ancient name of the Mother and she was my wife at the time of the cross known then as Martha Magdalene, today her name is Janelle Margaret Golightly Marshall.

On December 21st 2012 the earth will cross back over to the North side of the Milky Way Galaxy into the heavenly realm. The earth is being pulled by the sun at a speed of 69,000kph, no evil can enter the heavenly realm. The angels are the reapers of the souls of the wicked. At the time of this writing there are just 708 days to go.


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