Saturday, January 15, 2011

Heaven On Earth Quantum Activation, Love and Healing

Join with the 144,000 in quantum thought and song as we chant the name of Yahweh, the perfect vibration that will shatter the fabric of the Luciferian reality. This is the year of the One, the Alpha and Omega. Take a look at these dates:
1-1-11, 1-10-11, 1-11-11, 10-1-11, 10-10-11, 10-11-11, 11-1-11, 1-10-11, 11-11-11
These numbers occur 9 times in this one year. 9 is completion. Join us, the 144,000 prophesied in Revelations and become a part of the solution in taking back our beautiful earth from Lucifer. Chant, sing, and yell the name of Yahweh everyday from now until Lucifer is finally destroyed. Chant the name of Yahweh nine times at 1:11 am 1:11pm 11:11 am and 11:11 pm each day and especially on the above dates. That's all it takes and then sit back and watch the miracle of Yahweh/Jesus create heaven on earth.