Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Revelation to Australian and New Zealand Politicians

This is a Series of 20 Video's By Brian and Janelle Golighty Marshall.

I am posting 2 & 8 for now.

8 Revelations to Australian Politicians. Only Australia / New Zealand can overthrow the World Order, for this reason documents were sent to the Australian Parliament Lobor Party but not the opposition Liberal Party. The ruling party is sworn in by the Queens representative the Governor General. Its a matter of the Crown of England i.e. David authorizing the parliament to act in Christs place until Christ claims the throne.
The USA is no longer under the Crown of David.
In these videos Janelle reads from my books and explains the 4 CONs the world is dominated by, from LEGAL language to SCIENCE to RELIGION etc.
Please forward these video links to the Australian and New Zealand Parliaments. I do not have the New Zealand email thus far. For email recipients in the michellenye profile, just click the name michellenye for the list. We sent emails to Australian and world politicians and placed the Australian Parliament on legal notice, must respond by January 11th 2010. Please point this out. They must send 3 registered letters acknowledging receipt of my 3 emails:- to 4/150 Nell St Greensborough Victoria 3088. If they fail to respond the Governor General is obliged to fire them from Political Office and being the Queens Representative we must assist the Queen as she is surrounded by Freemason Lucifer cult forces. All the Queen wants to do is what her father told her, hand the throne over to Christ, this is why the Governor General in Australia is her representative.

Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall
Revelation to Australian and New Zealand Politicians