Friday, November 20, 2009

Dear ladies of Parliament-From: Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall

Dear ladies of Parliament. Please reply and forward to the Governor General Quentin Brice.

In this email I am going to reveal to you some facts that by the very nature of how these are arrange, is a positive proof of being an act of God.

KING of kings LORD of lords - Bird Flu cure Swine Flu 3 - Baxter Vaccine promoted by the New Zealand Prime Minister - Swine Flu Hoax Former Finland Health Minister Speaks out - 1 Operation Blue Beam second coming of Jesus - 6666 Lord pyramid 9-10

Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall wants you to Please take the Time to Watch these Video's. Thank You.

March 2nd 2009 we recorded this video prior to an interview by Steven Marshall in the Australian Broadcasting Commission Television studio in Sydney. The interview was scheduled to take place at 1 PM. The interviewer Steven Marshall would be connected via wire from Port Moresby New Guinea. Steven Marshall is the New Guinea correspondent for ABC TV the Australian Broadcasting Commission. This video is to document a mobile telephone call from Steven Marshall giving Janelle instructions as we stood outside the ABC studio prior to the interview. Later the interview took place, as suspected the interview was more an attack as opposed to the initial contact by Steven Marshall who had been very enthusiastic. It is the most sensational story in the world. Steven had been contacted by Gorathy she the Political Reporter for the Rupert Murdock paper the Post Courier, she had been stopped by the editor from running the AIDS cure story. Mr Marshall had phoned me and asked if he could do an interview, I agreed and gave him the phone contacts of my AIDS cure workers. He interviewed one and then the AIDS Council who told him I was disrupting the system. When asked to comment on what my detractors were saying I replied I can cure all diseases and they could not, I am a threat. He asked me if there were any religious overtones as my workers were saying I was a miracle worker. I replied from the suffering AIDS victims point of view, considering the world could not cure them and I could, they do see it as miracles. He also suggested I was making a profit from the colloidal silver water that is available for 12 Kina per 1.5 Litre bottle. I replied it was given to anyone who could not afford it, many have no income and it is important that a cured person should maintain the silver in their blood as the UN Genocide program is ongoing and will protect them from the UN attack in the future. Overall the reported did not interview people I have cured and as I suspected he was setting the stage for the interview to be edited and manipulated to make it appear I am a fraud, however it is unlikely it will make it to air.Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall

March 2nd 2009 Janelle and I walked to our car, then telephoned Steven Marshall in New Guinea as per his instruction. He did not answer his phone, Janelle left a message for him to phone back, however he did not return the call. The next day March 3rd 2009, I sent him a text.


ABC Television New Guinea AIDS treatment 4
Brief demonstration of the Sota Magnetic pulser the cost is 320 US the wrist Zapper is 120 US the Ozone machine 100 US plus delivery. The colloidal silver becomes a positive charge then we add the ozon into the positive charged silver and it becomes a positive ozone H2O3 the patient drinks the water, the wrist zapper causes the cell walls to become more permiable allowing the large oxygen molecule along with the minute silver atoms into the T-Cell containing the AIDS virus and it is killed. The Silver and Oxygen then repairs the T-Cell restoring its 'sight' and it starts working eliminating diseases from the blood

This is Lucy who worked for World Vision for 3 years and the Salvation Army and attended the AIDS Council meetings that are regularly held in Port Moresby. She witnessed two ladies healed at the Salvation Army clinic at Ella Beach. One lady had HIV AIDS GHONOREA and SYPHILYS, cured in two hours. The other lady was suffering HIV AIDS, TB and Malaria also healed in two hours. Lucy brought her husband Jimmie, he had been diagnosed with HIV AIDS but in a dream was convinced not to take drugs, ART AZT, as he was certain I would come to New Guinea and heal him, I did and was cured in 1 hour.

Jimmie is now working full time for us going from house to house treating immobile patients. Lucy carries out her work in their home. It is not unusual to cure 20 suffers per day of a multitude of diseases.

In the west the word cure is not allowed, why? How is it possible for a professor not to be aware how we can achieve what pharmaceuticals can not, what price is his soul, the blood on his hands for remaining silent staggers the imagination as to the depth of hate he must have for the innocent in New Guinea. Can you comprehend how such a gross evil has manifest as the world government, so macabre how can it be true?

The interview ends with the enraged Jamie Graham saying all PNG should be arrested. A subconscious slip he ment to say Brian Marshall should be arrested.

King of Kings and Lord of lords



6666 Lord pyramid 9

6666 Lord pyramid 10

Bird Flu cure Swine Flu 3
Demonstration of how the AIDS Malaria TB VD and all blood borne diseases work. The same procedure for BIRD FLU. It is a man mad virus and is part of the UN Genocide program

Baxter Vaccine promoted by the New Zealand Prime Minister
The control of all politicians world wide staggers the imagination, how money can control the universities where professors will say there is no threat. In St Vincents Hospital Sydney Professor David Cooper states that colloidal silver, electrical wrist or magnetic or ozone treatment does not cure anything, yet as of October we have 14 to 15,000 cured in New Guinea. To beat the world order all we need to do is treat one nation and their health will shine brightly in the darkness of the New World Order. Janelle and I are creating Shangri-La on earth one cured person at a time. New Guinea became independent on September 16th 1975 I was 31.68 years old. 3168 is Lord Jesus Christ.

Swine Flu Hoax Former Finland Health Minister Speakes out
The former Health Minister for Finland says the W.H.O the Big Pharma and the World Order Illuminati have a plan to kill off the next generation. This is why they are telling us pregnant women and the young are at risk. Risk indeed, not from the flu but from the vaccinations.

1 Operation Blue Beam second coming of Jesus
NASA has developed the Star Wars technology to project UFO holograms with the ides of creating an alien invasion. Then salvation as the Jesus figure will be seen in the west and the other gods seen over non Christian nations, then merge as the "one" Matraia.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,