Wednesday, April 22, 2009


We have known from specific incidents involving government code enforcement officers and private property owners, that a strongly-worded, NO TRESPASSING sign will, in most cases, keep code enforcement officers off of your property so that they can't look around and find alleged code infractions to charge you with and then extort money from you by levying huge penalties and fines for trumped up charges. To stop these government types in their tracts, we have researched and have printed a VERY LARGE, highly-visible, copyrighted, legally powerful NO TRESPASSING sign to thwart these folks from coming on your land. The signs are showing up on properties throughout the Western U. S.

Get your NO TRESPASSING signs up ASAP, before you fall victim to government's covert code enforcement. Your property may be your largest asset. These NO TRESPASSING signs are a small price to pay to properly protect it.

Signs should be posted in strategic areas, such as entrances to the property and where roads or trails touch the property. They are printed on 18" x 24" .03 inch (approx. 22 gauge) aluminum with mounting holes centered at top and bottom. Printed in black ink on a white background. (Minimum quantity = 3)

We strongly suggest that when you install your No Trespassing signs, you send a NO TRESPASSING SIGN POSTING NOTICE letter, or similar letter as modified by you, Certified - Return Receipt Requested, to: The county sheriff, each county commissioner, the director of the planning department, if any, the Governor and Attorney General of the State, or other government officials of your choosing.

RESIST! RESIST! RESIST! If government agents do show up, assume they are up to no good. Take pictures of them, record their voices, use a video camera or other device and get them on the record. Don't be shy. Have at-the-ready a Public Servant Questionnaire to log the information of their visit. Be sure to give them a blank copy of your Questionnaire. You fill it out, sign it and send a copy to the agent's office address. A copy of the NO TRESPASSING SIGN POSTING NOTICE letter and the PUBLIC SERVANT QUESTIONNAIRE will be shipped with your No Trespassing sign.

The hard, cold truth is, if you don't protect your property and your rights, make no mistake, government will, with malice, walk all over you because they feel empowered to do so. Why do they feel empowered? Because not enough Americans have challenged them and resisted their unlawful actions, much less their authority.