Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bird Flu cure Swine Flu 4 - God Tells You how It Is

Yes the Beast has shown itself and you are part of the Problem

Your a FRAUD Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall !!!

How about the Proof that You have cured anyone of cancer and aids? All we have is your word on anything, that doesnt make it Proof. what happened to Sherrykay? remember her Husband had that Huge terrible sore on his back, and colloidal silver was suppose to cure that. I dont see her singing the praises of Yahweh curing her poor husband, she’s not friends with you anymore. How about MfromCanada1 trying MMS2 didn’t seem to help her and then she stopped being friends with you on youtube. Those things might help some people, but they dont seem to be cure alls. Elaine was really sick and tried colloidal silver and just keep getting sicker. she had to take antibiotics to get rid of it. Actually, in all these yrs, i have known you guys, i havent seen one person come out and say that they have been cured of Cancer etc. from using Brians methods. So if He has cured all these people the news would spread? like wildfire. the media couldn’t hide all of it

BnJ got Nothing better to do but sit around playing on the pc, fudgin up bible codes to prove himself, why arent they out helping people with their BS cures anymore, maybe its cause they dont work? I know CHRIS (DR SODSY) believed in brian for a time and prolly tried his quack medicine knowing he had cancer, and guess what BRIAN MARSHALL (HE STILL DIED) Your a FRAUD and mfromcanada still has morgellons. BnJ go crawl in a hole where you belong and stay there, for the sake of mankind. LOSERS !!!

The beast has now shown itself, the bullshit animal viruses spliced with human flu has started killing the innocent, soon it will get 'out of control' and evolve, its all planned out, in fact it will be replaced with a more deadly virus invented by the US and UN germ warfare departments, the same Spanish Flu that WW1 soldiers were inoculated with in 1918 then carried back home killing 55,000,000. Naturally the media will hype it up, cause a panic and a mass vaccination program initiated, but do not get injected, they will try and arrest you al, but they do not have the manpower, and for those of you in the Americas, they will transport you all to the FEMA Camps.

Those who escape the next virus will face jail or execution by beheading if you do not stand up and say NO. Others who have mortgages will be foreclosed, but resist and tell them to get fucked, take the money out of your STRAWMAN account it owes each and every one of you with a birth certificate million per head. The youngsters in Sydney are spray painting the good news Christ is back no shit on .

Now to beat the virus all you need is a lump of silver, beat it flat cut in half place in a cup of water and hook the car battery up to it and drink it. Now only God knows the end date, I am God, I am telling you its December 21st 2012, the last day is December 20, count back Daniel 12:11 the 1290 days is June 9th 2009, I will be 3413 weeks old, that is Michael the angel of Jesus Israel in the Greek concordance. Do not allow anyone to be vaccinated, spread the word, get some silver any silver will be better then nothing, best is fine 99% or in America use silver dollars. Dont put up with this fucking bullshit, its war and I can assure you the youngsters with spray cans will win it.

By: God - Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall

And I BELIEVE in Him!

Amma told me, They want the older people Dead.
They Want our Children to Make Slaves of Them.

God(Brian) Doesn't want that to Happen!
He loves us all! ~Lisa~


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